Quick Install Commercial Lighting For Contractors

Apr 24, 2023

Every contractor knows that time is money. You’ve got a timeline to stick to, and any delay costs man-hours that weren’t built into your budget.

We’ve all endured projects that we thought were going to be simple but turned out to be long, drawn-out, time-consuming dramas. Whether it’s supply chain delays or unvetted vendors who don’t know how to install light fixtures, handling the hiccups along the way is a big part of your job. Any time you can head off a problem before it surfaces, you’re saving yourself money and frustration.

Installing lighting may be just one small part of the project you’re working on, but doing it quickly and easily can really help the whole thing go more smoothly.

Enter quick install lighting fixtures and bulbs from TCP! These energy-efficient beauties bring reliable quality and impressive savings to all your residential and commercial lighting installations.

What is Quick Install Lighting?

Quick install lighting describes any lamp or fixture that can be installed with minimal investments of time and effort. At TCP, we include in that definition all the easy install lighting we manufacture right here in America and keep in stock so it’s ready to ship when you need it for even faster turnaround times.

Benefits of a Quick Commercial Lighting Installation

A commercial lighting installation that goes smoothly benefits you, your team and your clients. Here’s how:

Save Energy

All TCP lighting delivers LED technology — and one of the biggest benefits of switching to LED lights is energy efficiency. Our lamps require a fraction of the energy that incandescents and other traditional bulbs do. Less energy means less stress on utility producers, which means a lower impact on the environment. And that means a healthier planet for all of us.

Gain Time

If time is money for a contractor, that means saving time is the equivalent of saving money. The less time your team has to spend on residential or commercial lighting installation, the more time they can devote to other parts of the job — and ultimately finish everything more quickly.

Impress Clients

When your team breezes through installing the lighting without a hitch, your client will be impressed with their efficiency. And every time you and your team impress a client, they’re more likely to refer you to their colleagues for more projects. Whether you’re giving your large-scale corporate customer the lowdown on California’s ban on CFL bulbs or advising your new-build client toward high-efficiency easy install LED lights, you gain trust and authority with TCP on your team.

Quick Installation Guide for Every Project

From residential new builds to corporate retrofits, there’s an easy install lighting option for every project. Check out our high-quality, energy-efficient recommendations to make your next home or commercial lighting installation a breeze.

Quick and Easy Commercial Lighting Installation Options

Grocery Stores, Warehouses and Other High Ceilings

The TCP Q Series features high bay lighting solutions for nearly endless applications. Their sleek, contemporary design is 70% smaller than other options, keeping their profile ultra-lightweight and easy to install while delivering a variety of wattages with a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Upgrade from traditional HID metal halide bulbs to TCP High Lumen Filament Lamps for exceptional brightness and impressive energy savings — without a ballast or corn-cob-like “bug zapper” appearance.

Office and Retail Spaces

Cut in half the amount of time your crew spends installing lighting with the TCP Pro Line LED Panel Series. These slim lightweight luminaires come pre-wired for a quick install into T-bar grid ceilings. Want to keep the existing panel lights in a corporate reno but still deliver a next-level look? Add Accents Ceiling Panel Light Covers for in-stock or custom decorative details that help elevate your client’s brand.

Our LED General Purpose Strip Luminaires replace fluorescent systems in both new and retrofit projects. These beauties deliver selectable color temperature, smooth dimming capabilities and quick installation options that include surface mount, pendant and suspension.

Linear Quick Install Lighting Fixtures

Whether it’s in a healthcare facility, a manufacturing plant or an educational setting, the lighting you choose plays a big role in the overall ambience of a space. We recommend opting for the TCP T8 line for innovative linear fixtures that combine a quick installation guide with impressive control over color temperature. These non-flickering, glare-free bulbs deliver a range of warm to cool white light in various applications.

Choose LED Select8 Color Selectable tubes for ultimate versatility. One quick install tube features three color temperatures your client can change with the flip of a switch. Go from warm white (3500K) to cool white (4000K) to natural daylight (5000K) without changing bulbs.

Brighten a lobby, retail floor or other large space without harsh UV or blue spikes by opting for TCP’s LED Solistic lamps. These non-dimmable beauties use an advanced LED chip design to mimic the characteristics of natural daylight that level up visual comfort. Their high R9 value makes color contrasts pop, and their clear, vivid light can help workers see an increase in their ability to focus on the job and sleep well at night.

Quick Install Residential Lighting Choices

Kitchens, Rec Rooms and Other Large Living Spaces

Choose TCP’s LED downlights as easy install recessed lighting in new home builds or retrofit projects to get a sleek, integrated look while staying on timeline.

Replacements for Traditional Bulbs

Deliver instant savings to homeowner clients by swapping traditional lamps for quick install LED lamps. They’ll see excellent color consistency and incredible life spans with these bulbs in both built-in and standalone fixtures:

  • LED PAR 30/38 Lamps
  • 60-Watt A19 Lamps
  • BR30 Dimmable Lamps

Commercial Contractor Easy Install Lighting From TCP

From your smallest home reno to your most ambitious corporate construction, you can count on TCP to deliver top-quality easy install lighting for contractors. Save time and money, impress your clients and build your reputation by installing lighting that’s in stock and on point.


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