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Aug 31, 2022

Make the Switch to High Lumen LED Filament Lighting

Commercial spaces everywhere continue to search for more reliable and energy-efficient lighting. Not that long ago, HID (high intensity discharge) lighting was considered the best, and brightest option for illuminating large commercial areas including warehouses, parking lots, and gymnasiums. As soon as LED technology became more widely accessible and affordable, HID’s operational flaws and inefficiencies were quickly revealed. 

Metal halide bulbs are a specific HID light source. Over the years, users have reported numerous quality issues. Brightness and luminosity tends to fade rather quickly, so in order to maintain initial light quality, HID bulbs need constant replacement. In addition to this, HID fixtures require a ballast to work properly. Ballast problems happen quite frequently which means more maintenance. Another big issue with HID bulbs is waiting for them to warm up. Once they’re turned on, it usually takes a few minutes for the lights to reach full intensity. 

When corn cob LED lights first appeared, they were considered a breakthrough replacement for old, outdated HID lights. Corn cobs are a better alternative, being long lasting and energy efficient, but they still have their fair share of issues in certain applications. In some enclosed fixtures, they may heat up and fail to work properly. Other users simply don’t like their “bug zapper” appearance. For both functional and aesthetic reasons, many end-users were hoping for new and improved LED replacement bulbs.     

Well guess what? They’re finally here! High lumen LED filaments are an exciting, new LED light source that’s the next big thing in the world of commercial lighting. They’re not only intended to replace HID lighting, they’re going to signal the end of corn cob LEDs, too.  

Benefits of High Lumen LED Filaments

First let’s discuss why commercial users need HID and corn cob lighting. It’s because they need the brightest possible light for their intended application. HID and corn cob bulbs produce exceptionally bright light that can illuminate large indoor spaces, and vast outdoor areas. High lumen LED filaments produce light that’s just as bright, if not brighter, and they feature countless benefits that outshine these older, obsolete light sources.

Energy Savings

TCP’s high lumen filaments are designed with the latest LED technology, which is also the most energy efficient technology. If you’re looking to save money on energy bills, these are the bulbs for you. They definitely beat corn cob bulbs in terms of energy efficiency, and they offer more than 75% energy savings compared to HID bulbs.


Looking for a versatile light source? High lumen LED filaments can be used in almost any application, including open and enclosed fixtures. Plus, they’re perfect for indoors and outside, too, if you have a weather approved fixture. 

Here are just some of their many applications:

  • High bays
  • Low bays
  • Bollards
  • Wall packs
  • Garages
  • Parking structures
  • Decorative fixtures

Instant Start

Unlike HID bulbs that take a few minutes to warm up and reach their full luminosity, high lumen LED filaments turn on in an instant. There’s no waiting period for them to reach optimum brightness. And there’s no waiting for the bulb to time off between restarts.

Small Size

Two big disadvantages of corn cob LEDs are their large size and cumbersome shape. In certain applications, they may have a hard time fitting properly in the designated fixture. High lumen LED filaments have a much smaller size, so they fit better in a wider variety of fixture types.   

Reduced Glare

Another issue common to both HID and corn cob lights is the amount of glare they can produce. Due to HID and corn cob design constraints and beam angle configuration, excessive glare is hard to avoid. High lumen LED filaments feature a 360° beam angle, which is an excellent lighting solution that happens to produce significantly less glare than other light sources.  


Aside from corn cob bulbs having a cumbersome shape, they’re also quite heavy, which can cause certain fixtures to break, or require additional equipment. High lumen LED filaments are much lighter in weight compared to corn cobs, which means they don’t need extra application equipment to function properly.  


Many commercial end-users aren’t impressed with the way corn cob bulbs look. Some people say they resemble a bug zapper or a transformer. In terms of appearance, high lumen LED filaments look like traditional light bulbs. This has significant value in applications where decorative aesthetics are important. 

Available Shapes and Sizes

TCP’s energy efficient high lumen LED filaments are great replacements for HID metal halide lamps, plus they’re the perfect alternative to corn cob LEDs. The lighting team at TCP has designed a multitude of high lumen shapes and sizes. No other lighting manufacturer can compare to TCP’s wide-ranging line-up! 

TCP currently offers several different shapes and two base sizes. Want to learn more? See TCP’s complete line-up of high lumen LED filament lamps here.


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