PurEssentials for Your Health: Lighting That Kills Germs

May 29, 2023

You probably already know about the benefits of switching to LED lights. But if saving time, money and the planet isn’t enough for you, we have even more reason to swap out those old bulbs for a healthier option!

TCP’s PurEssentials line combines the brilliance of LED with the germ-killing power of UVC for eco-friendly lighting that helps protect your health.

Discover all the details about this cutting-edge health lighting right here. Our pros break down the types of air purifying light bulbs we’re offering, how our UVC lighting works and where you can utilize PurEssentials to best advantage in your business.

Meet PurEssentials Air Purifying Light Bulbs

One of the latest trends in commercial lighting focuses on human-centric health lighting. That means thinking about the lights in your business in terms of how they support the health and well-being of your workers.

What could be healthier for your staff than clear, bright illumination that also delivers cleaner, purified air? That’s what you get with PurEssentials lamps and luminaires. While our high-quality LED lights brighten any room, built-in fans pull air into the unit and across the enclosed UVC light bulb. Germs — including viruses like influenza and bacteria like legionella — are neutralized before purified air is recirculated into the room.

The PurEssentials line comprises three versatile options:

Purifying Downlights

These multitaskers put you in control! Choose from three convenient functions: light and purification, purification only or light only. They deliver 850 lumens of clear, vivid LED light that’s selectable through the wall switch for warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K) or bright white (5000K) color temperatures. Plus, they’re available in both 5/6-inch retrofit and 6-inch snap-in versions to accommodate renos and new construction.

Purifying Panels

With a built-in HEPA filter, these beauties really amp up the purifying power. The fully enclosed UV light bulb destroys microbes while the HEPA filter nixes dust and other annoyances. Our 2-by-2 and 2-by-4 air purifying panel lights fit into many existing office ceiling grids, helping you save money while elevating the light and air quality for your staff. They feature the same color temperature selections as PurEssentials downlights, so you can go from bright daylight to neutral white to warm white light with the flip of a switch.

A19 Purifying Lamps

Versatility is the name of the game with these bacteria killing light bulbs. They feature a familiar E26 base that fits into most standard fixtures, so they’re a great choice for replacing any incandescent bulbs you’ve still got on hand. They’re not dimmable (yet), but they deliver 800 lumens of neutral white LED light while the fully enclosed UVC lighting nixes germs and the interior fan recirculates purified air.

How to Purify Air Without an Air Purifier

To understand how our bacteria killing light bulbs work, let’s start by digging into a bit of science.

Ultraviolet light is part of the spectrum that is invisible to humans, like the far-red light in TCP’s horticulture lighting. It’s generally divided into three types of ultraviolet light: UVA, UVB and UVC. The first two you might see listed on sunscreen bottles because they can damage our skin as they shine down in regular daylight.

UVC emanates from the sun at a much shorter wavelength than those two, and protective properties in our atmosphere nix it before it reaches the Earth’s — or our skin’s — surface. And that’s great because UVC is much more effective at destroying the DNA of the creatures it encounters.

These destructive powers can be used for good! In fact, scientists have harnessed UVC as a germicide since 1845. When viruses and bacteria are exposed to UVC lighting, they are effectively neutralized and can no longer cause us to become ill.

The only problem with it is how to keep it contained so that it only kills the germs and doesn’t harm any humans.

The forward thinkers at TCP found a way.

We designed our PurEssentials health lighting with a UVC source that is fully enclosed inside the unit. That means zero ultraviolet light escapes — all the visible light coming from these air purifying light bulbs is non-UVC, standard LED light.

The germs, though, come to a very different fate, as that UVC light bulb zaps their infectious intent. The purified air that recirculates into the room from your PurEssentials lighting is fresher, cleaner and healthier.

Applications for PurEssentials Lighting

There are many ways TCP lighting levels up your business. Our PurEssentials line adds another dimension to our high-quality LED lighting — and to your company’s commitment to corporate wellness.

Choose these air purifying light bulbs to enhance the healthful atmosphere in:

Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to protecting people’s health, lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities has to be the very best. These spaces are literally the front lines of fighting disease and illness. Add PurEssentials panels to high-traffic areas, like hallways and waiting rooms, to help limit cross-contamination risks.

Restaurants and Hotels

Even on a night out or a vacation, people are increasingly concerned about their health. Lighting for the hospitality industry can support those concerns by welcoming the added value of bacteria killing light bulbs to their amenities. PurEssentials downlights are perfect for guest rooms and hotel hallways, and our A19 purifying lamps allow restaurateurs the flexibility of improving air quality while keeping the stylish fixtures that already enhance their interior design.


Choosing excellent professional office lighting is crucial to creating a healthy workplace that helps your employees bring their best to the table every day. Elevate the atmosphere in any office with PurEssentials panels that fit into most existing ceiling grids.

Retail Spaces

Whether yours is a small but chic boutique, a family store or a giant showroom, LED lighting for retail spaces can make or break your bottom line. Showcase your eco-friendly brand by replacing any old incandescents with PurEssentials A19 air purifying light bulbs in pendants, table lamps and floor lamps. Eliminate pesky shadows in the aisles of your store with purifying downlights that switch from warm to neutral to bright white light for custom illumination.

PurEssential Lighting Options From TCP

Explore the entire PurEssentials line of air purifying light bulbs to find the perfect fit for your business. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help choosing the TCP health lighting to take your brand to the next level.

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