Enhance Your Patio Dining Experience for the Summer with Lighting

Aug 11, 2021

Want to create the perfect outdoor space to entertain friends and eat meals? Great patio lighting makes for a beautiful space to enjoy all summer long. 

Read on for outdoor patio lighting ideas!

Changing the Bulb Can Change the Mood

The bulbs you choose for your patio lighting make a big difference in the overall mood of the space. You will find patio lighting in three finishes: satin, frosted (also known as opaque), and transparent.

1. Satin Finish

Satin finish light bulbs give an elegant and elevated look to your patio. These are very popular for formal affairs, like weddings and other celebrations. You can string satin light bulbs across a pergola or around railings for a whimsical ambiance. 

2. Frosted/Opaque

Opaque light bulbs look clean and fresh when hung in your patio. They create a neutral base for other decor and give a soft, diffused glow of light throughout the space. White opaque bulbs are perfect when your patio already has many other colors, and you want to avoid a clash. If your patio is already neutral and you’re looking to add color, you can opt for colorful or multicolor bulbs to add a pop of playfulness.

3. Transparent

Transparent bulbs bring a vintage feel to your patio. They will make you feel like you’re dining at a restaurant even when you’re at home. Clear bulbs are a staple, and will mix well with any decor style or trend, so you can be confident you’ll love them for years to come. These bulbs feel chic and upscale, so they are a perfect choice for your patio lighting if you love to entertain friends at night.

Outdoor Pendants

Outdoor pendant lighting is a stylish way to provide a wash of ambient light for your patio. Outdoor pendants suspended from an overhand creates sufficient light for outdoor dining and conversation. While other popular types of outdoor lighting, like string lights, look fantastic, they do not provide enough light on their own. Pendant lights provide functional light and make a statement in your patio.

When choosing an outdoor pendant, you will have many options to choose from. You can take a nature-inspired approach and choose a pendant made from natural materials. Or, contrast the outdoors with something metal or boldly colored. 

When choosing outdoor pendant lights, you will also want to consider where you plan to hang the lights. In a small patio, you may only need one light. But if you have a patio with a long dining table, another patio lighting idea for outdoor dining is to hang multiple small pendants along the length of the table instead.

Lantern Lighting

Outdoor lanterns are a classic outdoor accent lighting choice. They provide an ambient glow that sets a romantic, laidback mood. However, don’t depend on lanterns for your main source of lighting. Instead, use them more like a decorative accent to add character and charm.

One fun way to incorporate lanterns into your patio design is to hang them from branches of nearby trees to make your outdoor space feel magical. 

If you love the look of lanterns, but don’t want the hassle (or fire hazard!) of real candles, look for lantern style light fixtures instead. Some of them are even cordless and Bluetooth controlled, so you can place them anywhere, just like a candle lit lantern.

TCP Lighting Solutions

Now that you’ve gathered inspiration for your patio lighting, it’s time to get started! TCP offers a wide variety of high quality, LED outdoor lighting. 

From wet-rated light bulbs to durable outdoor fixtures and more, TCP has what you need to make your patio your new favorite place to eat this summer.

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