Area Lights for Parking Lots

Dec 29, 2021

Good lighting is the key to making people feel comfortable in a parking lot. Dark corners and large, shadowy spaces tend to make people feel nervous or unsafe. Brightly lit parking lots, on the other hand, make for an area that feels safe, clean, and inviting.  

How do you achieve a well-lit parking lot? Not every outdoor luminaire is designed to fit the unique needs of a parking lot. 

They need to be powerful enough to fill a large space, long lasting enough to avoid maintenance hassles, and energy efficient enough to keep electricity costs low. Additional environmental factors, like dark sky compliance, are especially important for outdoor lighting as well. 

Below, let’s take a closer look at the most important features of TAL Series outdoor area luminaires from TCP.

Swivel Head & Angle

TCP’s TAL Series outdoor LED area lights feature a 360 degree swivel head, making it simple to customize the fixtures to the dimensions of your parking lot. And with a wide beam angle and adjustable height, you can ensure full coverage of the entire surface area of your lot for optimum visibility, and in return, safety.

Add Ons for Easy Installation

Installing parking lot lights can be a hassle thanks to their size and height. TCP offers a wide variety of TAL Series accessories to make installation easier than ever, no matter the type of light poles you use in your parking lot. 


Our slipfitter is made from durable cast aluminum. It secures the luminaire to a horizontal arm or vertical tenon. Or, apply it directly to the wall.


Choose from a round or square pole mount adapter. This accessory allows TCP’s Talslipfitter to mount the side of a round or square pole.


This trunnion allows for wall mounting, plus flexible angle adjustment.

In addition to these accessories, TCP’s TAL Series LED area lights feature tool-less driver box entry. 

Dark Sky Compliant

Dark sky compliance is gaining more and more attention in the lighting world as concerns about eco-friendliness rise. When lighting is dark sky friendly, like the TAL Series from TCP, it is designed with the prevention of light pollution in mind.

Light pollution is bad for both the environment and public health for a number of reasons. Bright light at night, on a large scale, can disrupt circadian rhythm for animals and people alike. 

Zero BUG Rating

One way to gauge a luminaire’s dark sky conformance is through its BUG rating. Coined by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), BUG stands for Backlight, Uplight, Glare. 

  • Backlight is the amount of light spilled from the back of a fixture. 
  • Uplight is the light spill from the top of a fixture. 
  • Glare refers to a too-strong emission of light from the front of a fixture.

Knowing a fixture’s BUG rating helps to ensure compliance with Dark Sky Association light zones, which place light limitations in certain outdoor areas. 

Parking Lot Lighting

The TAL Series LED area light features a lightweight design, tool-less driver, and energy efficiency of up to 137 lumens per watt. These features, combined with a 50,000 hour rated life, dramatically decreases costs for your whole operation. Cut back on energy, maintenance, labor, and material costs over the life of a fixture for an improved bottom line and easy savings. 

Interested in parking lot lighting from TCP? 

View our outdoor area luminaires, wall lights, flood lights, and canopy lights for you parking lot. 

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