Ceiling Lights & Light Bulbs – Changing Your Home

Sep 23, 2021

How do you make a house feel like a home? One of the most effective ways to add ambiance to any space is lighting. Even if everything else about a room stays exactly the same, changing the lights can change the entire feel of the space.

Create the feeling you want in your home with lighting. Read on to learn how!

Subtle Lighting: Flat Ceiling Lights

Flat ceiling lights are perfect for when you want to add lighting without making a statement with a bold or decorative fixture. Recessed and flush-mount ceiling lights both provide a wash of light throughout the entire room for a baseline of lighting. 

This baseline is important, because it ensures the room has ample light to be functional and comfortable. Accent lighting and task lighting build on top of this base layer provided by flat ceiling lights. 

To make sure ceiling light fixtures provide enough light for your whole room, a lighting designer will recommend an appropriate amount and thoughtful spacing of ceiling lights.

Statement Lighting: Pendant Fixtures

So, you’ve got your ambient lighting situated. Now, it’s time to add personality and flair with statement lighting.

One of the most common forms of statement lights are LED pendant lights. Pendant fixtures come in many varieties and styles, from minimalist to eye-catching designs.

The best pendant lighting for your space depends on your personal taste, the functional requirements of the room, and the existing decor style and finishes.

For example, you might not want to hang a chandelier above your kitchen island. Save large, ornate pendant lights for entryways and large rooms where style is the primary goal.

In kitchens, smaller pendant lights are preferable. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can choose from many finishes, shade colors, and shapes to customize your kitchen lighting to fit with the rest of your space.

How do you know if a fixture will go well with the rest of the decor in your space? Look at the existing metallic finishes to see how they coordinate. To be absolutely safe, matching all your metal finishes typically looks polished and intentional.

However, this can become too matchy-matchy if you have a lot of one finish. Some finishes look great together when paired consciously, like shiny copper and matte black.

When decorating with pendants that feature exposed bulbs, make sure your bulbs are just as stylish as your fixture. TCP offers a variety of filament and deco bulbs.


Light Bulbs Make All the Difference

Finally, consider the light bulbs you will use in every single fixture throughout your home. 

This is a step that is often overlooked, because it isn’t quite as exciting as choosing statement fixtures for each room. But the right bulbs make all the difference when it comes to the mood and ambiance of your home, so don’t dim your potential!

For enclosed fixtures where you won’t see the bulb, you only need to consider the brightness and color temperature. The actual aesthetics of the bulb are less important. 

For fixtures with exposed bulbs, make sure the bulb is cohesive with the fixture style. For example, LED Edison bulbs provide a stunning amber glow that gives your favorite restaurants and patios their warm, vintage feel. 

No matter what, make sure your light bulbs are LEDs. As the new standard for residential lighting, LEDs cost far less money per year and give off healthier light for you and your family to enjoy.

TCP Lighting

Ready to transform the feel of your home? TCP has all the residential lighting you need to make your dream home a reality, including LED lights for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more.

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