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Feb 4, 2021

Give your home or living space a complete makeover—just by switching up your lighting. With the right bulb shape, lighting fixture style, and lighting color temperature, you can enhance a space and make it look completely new without changing any of the decor.

Different lighting aesthetics can pull together your look with a variety of bulbs, color temperatures, and fixtures. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


lighting for rustic decorRustic decor takes inspiration from the outdoors, farmhouses, and industrial designs. Think natural wood, rope, weathered finishes, stone, and leather, with sophisticated, modern touches.

When looking for lighting fixtures, take inspiration for different things you see outside of your home. Antler chandeliers, metal pendant lights, or natural wood can all add a rustic look to your space.

Color temperature and bulb shape are some of the most important parts of lighting design. Rustic aesthetics have a warm, soft look to them. When shopping for lightbulbs that will create a rustic look, keep your color temperature to warm tones. The higher the number on the Kelvin Color Temperature scale, the brighter and bluer the light; if you’re shopping for a rustic-style space, look for lightbulbs 3000K and under. This will achieve ambient lighting somewhere between warm, yellowish light and something closer to candlelight. Bulb shapes for this style can vary depending on your fixture; try a few different options and see what you like best!

Mid-Century Modern

Picture the retro styles from the 50s and 60s. That’s mid-century modern. Functional shapes, simple silhouettes and an emphasis on functionality all made up this resurging trend. It’s a style that has withstood the test of time! If you’re looking to incorporate this simple, yet elegant style into your home, there are a lot of ways your lighting can enhance the look.

There are many different chandeliers, sconces and floor lighting that can contribute to a mid century modern lighting design. For chandeliers, consider metal sputnik chandeliers with clean, straight lines. With a warm, wide bulb, you could add a paper lantern to your space; this will diffuse the light for a soft look. Exposed bulbs in wall sconces and floor lights are also common for this look, but keep in mind that this uncovered look can come with a very bright light. Consider using decorative LED bulbs here, like a filament bulb for ambient lighting that won’t hurt your eyes.


industrial-decorIndustrial style is exactly what it sounds like. Drawing inspiration from factories, warehouses, and urban lofts, expect to see a lot of wood and metal accents, dangling light fixtures, high ceilings, and a neutral color scheme when gathering inspiration for this style. Minimalist light fixtures can be great accents here, as well. The theme here is urban vibes and reclaimed machinery; lighting functions here should go with this theme.

To achieve this style, exposed Edison bulbs attached to chains or dangling metal fixtures are a great start. Large globe bulbs or vintage looking Edison bulbs are great options, as well. Regarding temperature, stick to warmer hues here as well. Choose varieties of bulbs with a lot of directional light that don’t diffuse too much. Use this to highlight various accents in your space.

Shabby Chic

shabby-chicWith roots in antique and vintage French design, shabby chic is a soft, feminine style with rustic touches. Think timeless, yet comfortable style. Ornate gold touches on your accents and lighting fixtures will add a bit of elegance. Popular features of this style include white walls, distressed painted wood, and overstuffed sofas.

Look for ornate fixtures and nature materials when looking for lighting fixtures. Against any bright white walls, consider choosing light bulbs with temperatures at mid- to high-range of the Kelvin scale—something between 3100K and 4500K. This will provide a bright, clean look against white and gold details.

Lighting for Living Areas & Great Rooms

From ambient ceiling lighting to accent lighting in floor lamps and desk lamps, TCP lighting offers energy-efficient light bulbs in a wide range of color temperatures, shapes, and sizes that set the tone for comfortable, welcoming living areas.

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