The Impact of High CRI Light: Anew Lighting Benefits

Jan 8, 2024

In light of the recent federal incandescent bulb ban, understanding your lighting options is more complicated than ever. You may be concerned about which bulbs will work in your existing fixtures or how LED lighting options will affect your bottom line. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to reduce blue light in your home or business. Or maybe you simply need to understand what high CRI light means and why it’s important for your family or work crew.

You’re in the right place to get answers! The light-obsessed pros at TCP stay on the industry’s cutting edge — and we’re delighted to share with you our latest solution for illuminating people, objects and spaces with brilliance: the Anew Lighting line.

Read on for insights into this innovative lighting series, an explanation of the importance of high CRI LED light and our tips for using Anew lights to elevate your workplace or home environment.

What Is Anew Lighting?

We designed Anew LED lighting as the incandescent alternative. As leaders in the LED industry, our engineers saw the federal mandates coming and worked hard to develop new technologies that meet higher standards for efficiency while delivering the soft, warm glow we all loved in those traditional bulbs. Our Anew light bulbs produce full-spectrum light while consuming very little energy and putting out almost no heat. Plus, these beauties feature the familiar A19 shape and E26 base that will work in existing fixtures — and they provide the clarity of an incredibly high CRI.

What Is CRI and Why Does It Matter?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. The CRI scale indicates how closely a light source renders the colors of objects compared to how they look under direct sunlight. Light bulbs are rated from 0 to 100, with the top score indicating the most perfect depiction of colors as they would be in natural daylight.

To understand the importance of high CRI light bulbs, consider the way a paint sample can look drastically different at home than it does in the store. Lights that score a CRI of 80 or lower can make people and objects appear drab and desaturated, even making it difficult to distinguish between similar shades, like black and navy. On the other hand, high CRI lights — meaning bulbs that score 90 or above — reveal authentic colors and skin tones while creating a more vibrant and natural-feeling ambience.

TCP’s Anew light bulbs qualify as high CRI LED light bulbs with an impressive score of 98 — which is as close to natural sunlight as anything currently on the market.

How Anew Lights Take LEDs to the Next Level

You likely already know some of the benefits of switching to LED lights from CFLs and incandescents, like the time savings of longer bulb lifespans and money savings on lower utility bills. Let’s take a look at some other ways Anew light bulbs can impact your everyday experience at home or work:

Environmental Impact

TCP has long been committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly lights — and a main driving factor behind the legislation to ban incandescent bulbs is reducing the environmental impact of traditional bulb components like mercury while stretching our limited energy resources as far as possible. Anew lighting uses far less energy than incandescents to deliver the same light output. That means you’ll save money on utility bills while putting less demand on energy providers, which translates to being kinder to our shared planet.

Health Impact

When you begin to understand the links between lighting and health benefits, Anew lighting comes into focus as a real asset. Our breakthrough technology cuts out the blue light spikes that other LED sources emit, making them a healthier alternative. Many of us are just learning about the impact of blue lighting, and ways to reduce it in everyday life have become important for anyone who uses a cell phone, computer or other digital device. We’re exposed to a lot of blue wavelengths from these devices, which can disrupt sleep patterns and cause headaches and vision problems. Choosing LED bulbs that reduce blue light spikes, like Anew, can have a real and lasting impact on the overall health of your family and employees.

Quality of Life Impact

Lighting and physical health are linked — which means great lighting can elevate your overall quality of life. Choosing high CRI lights like Anew can impact mood by creating a vibrant, lively ambiance that supports productivity and alertness. Whether it’s in the boardroom, on the warehouse floor or around the kitchen island, these lights make colors look true to themselves while delivering clear, even brilliance that’s easy on the eyes.

Where Does Anew Lighting Deliver the Most Impact?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of Anew light bulbs as high CRI lighting that reduces blue light spikes, let’s look at where to use them for the most impact. From replacing outdated bulbs at home to taking your business to the next level, this innovative lighting line offers flexibility, fabulous money savings and freedom from the drudgery of frequent replacements.

At Home

When choosing lights for a home, lighting color temperature matters! Why? Because a light’s correlated color temperature (CCT) dictates whether the illumination appears cool and vibrant or warm and welcoming. The former is great for food prep and doing homework or housework while the latter is ideal for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. Anew light bulbs are a fantastic choice for any residential fixture that once took incandescent bulbs because their perfect dimming allows homeowners to adjust the level of light to the task at hand without exposing family members to more blue light.

At the Office

Looking for improved office lighting? TCP’s LED options can have a big impact on both your bottom line and your team’s morale. That’s because these energy-efficient beauties will fill your workspace with natural-looking light that requires a fraction of the energy those old bulbs used. Your crew will feel energized and empowered to do their jobs better with the true colors they see under Anew’s high CRI light — and you’ll save even more money by reusing your existing floor, tabletop and ceiling fixtures and simply swapping Anew in for those old incandescents.

In Schools

On top of the energy and money savings that Anew light bulbs bring, their vibrant brightness and reduced blue light spikes make them the perfect LED lighting for schools. Making the grade means helping students stay focused on the lesson at hand, supporting better engagement between teachers and students, and eliminating the distractions of flickering fluorescents. Consider Anew lights wherever your educational facility once used incandescents, like desktop lights in offices, floor lamps in multi-use rooms and ceiling fixtures that accommodate the A19 shape.

In Healthcare Settings

Many of us don’t think about how light impacts psychology and mood in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare settings. But these spaces have a critical need for bright, clear, high CRI light that’s dimmable and flexible. Healthcare workers have to be able to discern between color-coded tubing and instruments to deliver accurate treatments and avoid potentially dangerous misconnections. Patients need vibrant daylight that will elevate mood and help them recuperate faster — plus soothing dimness that fosters sleep in an unfamiliar environment. Anew light delivers all this with perfect dimming capabilities, no blue light spikes and incredibly long bulb lifespans for less frequent replacements.

In Museums and Galleries

When you look at artwork, you might not think about the quality of light illuminating it. But designing gallery and museum lighting is a complex and challenging process that has a huge impact on the visitor experience. Because Anew light bulbs deliver the full spectrum of light without producing heat or blue light spikes, they’re ideal for creating an ambience where art can be enjoyed, examined and embraced. Plus, these high CRI light bulbs allow the viewer to see exactly what the artist intended without skewing colors with red or yellow undertones. And if the gallery doubles as an event space, the perfect dimming capability lets you set the tone for mingling without any bothersome flickering or humming.

Why TCP’s High CRI Anew Lighting Solutions Are the Ideal Choice

TCP has been a lighting industry leader for more than 30 years, and we’re proud to develop cutting-edge technologies that illuminate a better future for everyone. Whether you want to reduce blue light, embrace high CRI light or simply save money on replacements for incandescent bulbs, our Anew Lighting line is a great choice. Reach out today for help designing the best illumination for your home or workspace with TCP’s top-quality LED options.

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