Lighting for Dorm Rooms and Small Spaces

Jul 29, 2022

Lighting Lesson: How to Illuminate Dorm Rooms and Small Apartment Spaces

Living in a small space means maximizing every inch of it for functionality. Choosing the right furniture, decor, and lighting is essential when living space is limited. And just because a tiny apartment or dorm room lacks spacious square footage, that doesn’t mean it has to lack style. 

When it comes to small apartment lighting ideas, you can easily find options that offer space-saving practicality, energy-saving functionality, along with plenty of style and personality. The LED Starlight Lamp from TCP has so many great features and benefits, it may be the best choice for lighting a drab dorm room or blank-canvas studio apartment.         

What is the Starlight?

TCP’s Starlight Series is changing the way people are lighting their small living spaces. The Starlight LED light features a sleek, modern shape that can be used in a variety of settings, including residential apartments and college dorm rooms. Its intended use is as an overhead pendant or socket lamp, which is ideal for smaller environments with limited floor space.

The Starlight hangs out above everything, and never gets in the way, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into it, or knocking it over late at night.  Plus, it’s cool, space-age look has a ton of character, and gives any space a touch of modern, mid-century charm.          

Available in 5 Vibrant Colors

If your small space needs a little bit of color, but painting the walls isn’t an option, the Starlight LED is just what you need. In addition to white, the Starlight comes in four more color choices – red, blue, green, and black. 

The most basic dorm rooms and studios typically don’t have much character. But if you install a brightly colored Starlight lamp above a desk, or within the main living space, you’ll be amazed at the difference a pop of color makes to the entire room. Especially when you add other decorative accents like area rugs, pillows, and desk accessories, a seemingly dull dorm can become an inviting oasis for reading, studying, and relaxing.       

Ways to Install Starlight

A big advantage of Starlight LED lights is their versatility. The Starlight can be used in a wide range of applications – from pendants, to sockets, and everywhere in between. This is perfect for dorms and small apartments where overhead lighting is the norm.    

Pendant Mount Accessory

Overhead pendants are popular for so many reasons. They save space while providing an exceptional source of bright light where it’s needed most. The Starlight’s pendant mount accessory comes with an adjustable 6-foot cord, and it mounts directly to a junction box for easy installation. Plus, the pendant mount matches the color of the Starlight you choose – white, black, red, blue, or green. 

Optional Socket Extender

Does your small space have recessed lighting that you’d like to replace? The optional socket extender allows you to screw the Starlight LED into practically any existing recessed can fixture. This makes it easy to give your lackluster apartment lighting a more stylish, updated appearance.   

What Makes the Starlight Different Than Other Lights?

The Starlight’s low-profile design looks great, and has plenty of aesthetic appeal. But on top of all that, TCP’s Starlight also features some amazing functional benefits that outshine the competition. Let’s take a closer look.  

85% More Efficient Than Standard Alternatives

When compared to similar halogen and incandescent lights, the Starlight’s advanced LED design uses a lot less energy and lasts significantly longer. Because it’s made to be energy-efficient, your utility bills will be much lower. This is a pretty big deal if you’re in an apartment and on a budget.  

Damp Location Rating

The Starlight is UL approved for damp locations. This means the lamp can be used outdoors as long as it’s protected from the elements. If your apartment or dorm happens to have an outdoor patio or porch that’s somewhat enclosed, you could install a Starlight in an area that’s not directly exposed to rain or snow.

Available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K Color Temperatures

Choose the color temperature that’s best for you and your lamp’s intended purpose. For example, 3000K emits a warm, golden-white light that creates coziness in indoor spaces. A 4000K color temperature range produces neutral white light that’s not too yellow, or too blue. It’s well-balanced, and ideal for reading or providing ambient light during the day.

Lastly, 5000K emits bright, crisp light with a bluish-white tone. Small details stand out in this type of light, so if you really need to focus on studying or working, this is the perfect light for these tasks. Plus, studies have shown this color temperature can lead to increased productivity.  

Starlight lamps have customizable dimming options, too, so you can go from bright study mode, to dim movie mode in an instant.

Up to 30,000 Hours of Operation Life

The Starlight is made to last a long time – up to 30,000 hours! If you’re in a dorm, this means you may never have to change it during your entire four years of college, depending on how much you use it.

Apartment lighting and dorm lighting each have their fair share of challenges. The lighting experts at TCP can help you find the best small apartment lighting. And the best lights for studying in your dorm. The Starlight LED fits the bill for both applications. Want to learn more? Check out TCP’s LED Starlight Series here.     

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