Investing in Commercial Grow Lights

Dec 31, 2022

Indoor farming is trending these days. Whether it’s for food production or as part of the burgeoning cannabis industry, nurturing indoor plants has become big business around the globe. And because plants can’t thrive without proper lighting, this trend generates a growing interest in high-quality grow lights.

TCP Lighting is proud to be a premier commercial grow light manufacturer. We’re committed to bringing the latest innovations to the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient grow lights. LED tech has long been our passion, and our LED plant grow lighting can take your indoor production facility or personal green thumb efforts to the next level.

How Commercial Grow Lights Work

In the evolution of commercial grow lights, LED horticulture luminaires were a giant leap forward. It is much easier to grow plants with LED lights than with traditional high-pressure sodium lights because LEDs deliver the full spectrum of visible light, rather than a limited number of wavelengths. Here’s a quick primer on how plant grow light bulbs work:

Plants need sunlight, water and air to thrive. In an interior setting, temperature fluctuations and water supply issues can affect plant growth — but poor-quality lighting is lethal. The best commercial grow light options deliver a careful combination of red, blue and green light wavelengths in an easily controlled system. Responding to all three grow light colors, plants tend to grow taller, denser and faster for a healthier bottom line.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Grow Lights

Whether you’re growing marijuana to supply a medical dispensary or vegetables for your own family’s meals, top-quality grow lights make a noticeable impact. The main difference between residential and commercial grow light setups is one of scale. Where a commercial facility can yield thousands of healthy plants by stringing together hundreds of grow lights, indoor plants at home are typically less voluminous and need only one or two LED grow lights. Other than the number of grow lights, how to use them and their benefits are roughly the same for business and personal horticulture.

Benefits of Using Grow Lights

Is LED light good for plants? Yes! In particular, the benefits of far red light in a full-spectrum commercial grow light are impressive. While blue and green wavelengths help keep indoor plants dense and compact, recent research indicates that far red light is pivotal for optimal photosynthesis. A balanced color spectrum amps up production, but the benefits of good plant-grow lighting go beyond faster growth. For success with residential or commercial grow lights, LEDs bring lots of perks.

For Your Commercial Business

TCP commercial horticulture lights can help your business thrive with:

A Full Spectrum and Less Heat

Grow plants with LED lights while maintaining a constant indoor temperature that doesn’t max out your utilities.

Cost-Effective Year-Round Growing

Keep your overhead low and your facility humming through all seasons with highly efficient LED grow lights rated for a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Higher Yields and Shorter Production Times

Because our LED horticulture lights deliver the full spectrum of light, you’ll get bigger, denser, and healthier plants in less time, which translates to a healthier bottom line.

Room to Grow

Whether you’re renovating an empty building for indoor farming or starting a cannabis operation in a shipping container, our commercial horticulture lighting can grow with you. TCP’s HTM grow lights feature a quick-connect daisy chain system that makes it easy to link units together as your business expands.

For Your Domestic Plants

High-quality grow light bulbs aren’t solely for commercial use. Whether you’re getting plants ready for winter, starting spring plantings indoors or nursing troubled plants throughout the year, a TCP horticulture light allows you to:

Grow Plants from Different Climates

Want fresh oranges off the tree in Ohio? Looking to keep your orchids stunning through a Wisconsin winter? The right plant-grow lighting keeps delicate plants happy, no matter where you live.

Achieve Larger Plant Growth

Win that unspoken contest with your neighbor by supplementing the sunlight for your tomato plants with the full spectrum of grow light colors.

Start Early on Garden Plantings

Is a spring snow storm threatening to foil your early gardening dreams? Get a head start on plantings like kale, cauliflower and artichokes with LED indoor grow lights.

Have a Year-Round Plant Nursery

When any of your plants show signs of failing, an indoor nursery gives you the chance to save it. You can heal and grow plants with LED lights in a shed, garage or enclosed porch, so long as there’s an electrical outlet available.

Grow Your Business With TCP Lighting Solutions

TCP brings the best commercial grow light solutions to your indoor farming business. Contact us today to see how our innovative horticulture lighting can help your plants and your bottom line thrive.

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