Getting Plants Ready for Winter With Grow Lights

Nov 21, 2022

Why a Grow Light is Essential for Indoor Plants During Winter

Colder temps and shorter days can affect your outlook in the winter. While you likely adjust your diet and other routines to counter these changes, you may not consider what the change of seasons means for your houseplants. Winter is coming, so this is the perfect time to ask yourself a few questions about your plant parenting:

  • Do your houseplants need a grow light? 
  • What, exactly, is a horticulture grow light? 
  • Do grow lights make your plants grow faster? 
  • Which is the best kind of grow light indoor plants will respond well to?

The pros at TCP have put their 30-plus years of high-quality lighting experience to work getting answers for you!

What Do Plants Do in the Winter?

Less light during winter months puts most houseplants into a dormant phase. That means they’re not growing as much as they did through those gloriously long summer days. But less growth doesn’t necessarily mean zero growth — nor does it mean you can simply stop tending to them. In fact, this season requires action. Houseplants need a steady, even temperature in winter months, which may mean moving them away from drafty windows and heating vents because blasts of cold or hot air can harm plants. You can cut down on watering by waiting until the soil is dry about two inches below the surface, but keep the room’s overall humidity around 50% to 60%.

Are Grow Lights Good for Plants When They’re Indoors?

One of the best wintertime gifts you can give your indoor plants is a grow light. Plant health largely depends on year-round exposure to sunlight. Even if you don’t see blooms or new leaves on your winter plant, lights with full-spectrum technology deliver perfectly balanced illumination that nurtures health from within. Using grow lights for wintering plants helps maintain root integrity and vitality with a steady stream of light that you can easily control. Do grow lights make your plants grow faster? Maybe in the spring, which we’ll get to in a minute. The main point in winter, though, is to keep your dormant plants happy so they’re strong enough to take the next growing season by storm.

How Horticulture Lights Keep Plants Growing 

Our horticulture lights are designed to balance powerful full-spectrum technology with TCP’s commitment to being green. We offer energy-efficient LED grow lights for winter houseplants in kits that include everything you need to take care of your existing houseplants or get a head start on the early crops for your garden. With a complete package that includes the grow light, hanging hardware and more, it’s easy for anyone to get started using horticulture lights whether you’re totally new to gardening or you’ve got a vibrant green thumb.

Year-Round Grow Light Options 

Choose the TCP 4-Foot Grow Kit to create a year-round nursery at home. This kit comes with a 4-foot horticulture light rail, hanging chain, 6-foot cord for a standard outlet, fabric grow bag and mechanical timer. With this grow light, indoor plants get a premium winter vacation, and you can give ailing outdoor plants special care anytime throughout the year.

Greenhouse Grow Lights to Start Your Plants Early

Can’t wait for the end of frosty weather to start your kale, cauliflower or artichokes? Pick a TCP 2-Foot Grow Kit and get ahead of the gardening game. This diminutive beauty works hard in the smallest spaces to shine full-spectrum sunlight on your seedlings. The kit includes a grow light, chain, fabric bag and timer, just like its larger cousin. 

TCP: Your Home for Lighting Solutions

If you’re not sure which horticulture grow light will meet your needs, contact us for advice from TCP lighting experts. We’ve been a lighting industry leader for decades, so we’re ready to help with all your home’s illumination needs. From the kitchen and bathroom to the garden and other outdoor spaces, we bring eco-friendly lighting solutions to light.

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