Renovating Empty Spaces: Horticulture

Aug 1, 2021

Renovating Empty Spaces with Horticulture Grow Lights

The landscape of the agriculture industry is quickly shifting, largely due to advancements in technology. Technology has always pushed the agriculture industry forward—from new ways to harvest crops to the creation of new strains of fruits and vegetables.

Today, horticulture LED lights are making it possible to grow food in spaces that would have once been considered impossible. Making use of unused spaces is an excellent, eco-friendly way to grow food. 

Thanks to innovative horticulture lighting groups, natural sun exposure is no longer a dealbreaker for growing plants. Instead, growers are rigging up precise horticulture grow lights to encourage the kind of growth they want to see from their plants. 

Below, read about potential spaces you can turn into a growing operation. 

Empty Buildings

Instead of letting empty buildings sit vacant and unused, turn them into a greenhouse. Urban farming relies on making the most of a condensed area, so transforming entire empty buildings—or even just unused floors or rooms—is a great way to use valuable space.

Some growers may even prefer basements with no external sources of natural light. While this may seem counterintuitive, natural lighting is impossible to control. Some days may be sunny, while others are overcast and cloudy. Days get shorter and longer as the seasons change. 

In a windowless room, growers have full control over the lighting conditions of their plants, making it possible to encourage certain outcomes, like lush flowers, sweeter tastes, or quick growth. 

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a great option for anyone looking to start growing for minimal startup costs. Purchasing a shipping container is less expensive than buying or renting commercial space, so you can get started with less of an initial investment. 

The extra room in your budget presents the opportunity to invest in quality supplies instead. High quality commercial horticulture LED lighting can make all the difference in the growth speed, density, and flower quality of your plants. 

As your operation grows, you can scale up by adding more shipping containers. With each container as an isolated greenhouse, you can tailor the lighting in each container depending on the crops inside. Or, connect open containers together for a larger space. When you’re willing to innovate, the possibilities are endless.

Unique Spaces 

At the end of the day, the future of farming is an innovative one, driven by increases in urban farming and a desire to make good use of land. If you have a unique space in mind for growing, TCP horticulture LED lights can help you transform it into a thriving growing operation. 

No matter the size, location, or layout of a space you have in mind, you can foster a thriving agricultural business thanks to horticulture grow lights from TCP.

TCP Horticulture Lighting

TCP’s new generation of horticulture lighting was created with the science of plants in mind. An ideal spectrum with balanced blue, red and white light includes everything your plants need to grow dense and produce healthy flowers. TCP grow lights are also lightweight and hassle-free to install.

Plus, TCP horticulture lighting is SmartStuff compatible. With SmartStuff smart lighting controls, you can set designated day/night cycles, configure automatic settings, and more. With SmartStuff, you don’t have to worry about human error in your greenhouse anymore.

For higher yields and greater profits, turn to the expert LED horticulture lighting manufacturers at TCP. 

TCP loves a challenge. Tell us about the unique features of a space you want to turn into a grow room. We will advise on the best lights for your needs and answer any questions you may have about commercial horticulture grow lights from TCP. 

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