High Bay Lighting by TCP

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

Simplify your lighting project with TCP. We work with customers from start-to-finish to bring their lighting ideas to life – from design consultation and sourcing the right bulbs and fixtures, to capitalizing on rebates, expert installation and post-installation follow up.

Need a custom lighting solution? No problem. TCP also offers expertise in lighting design and prototyping. And, because we manufacture and supply lighting, we offer unparalleled creative solutions and the cost savings of vendor consolidation.

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TCP Knows High Bay Lighting

The right high bay lighting makes all the difference. High-quality lighting in warehouses and large indoor spaces is more important than many people think. Good lighting can prevent costly mistakes, correct visibility problems and lead to increased efficiency.

Now TCP, makers of warehouse lighting and high bay fixtures and more commercial and residential lighting, offer a new line of easy-to-install LED Round High Bay Luminaires.

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High Bay Lighting

TCP’s LED High Bay Lights – the New Solution

The new best solution for energy-efficient high bay lightingcomes from TCP. Introduced in 2018, TCP raises the bar on quality with the easy-to-install Industra LED Round High Bay Luminaires. They offer a sleek, robust design that can be paired with optional reflectors to meet a variety of application needs.

The Industra LED Round High Bay is the ideal choice for a variety of applications including warehouse and distribution centers, commercial facilities, retailers and any open ceiling design. These fixtures are DLC Premium qualified and instantly deliver brilliant white light, eliminating long warm-up times experienced with HID fixtures.

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High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lighting Offers High Efficiency, Long Life and Great Color

TCP’s new, round-shaped high bay commercial LED luminaire is a great energy-efficient option for storage facilities, warehouses, rec centers and other spaces with ceilings higher than 20 feet. TCP’s high bay lighting provides lighting that optimizes worker safety, productivity and optimum visibility.

TCP’s high bay lighting is ideal for replacing traditional metal halide high bay systems. Benefits include high efficiency, excellent color rendering, long life, instant on, and improved uniformity.

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TCP High Bay Lighting is Energy Efficient Warehouse Lighting

TCP’s Industra Round High Bay Luminaires is high bay lighting with a long life of 50,000 hours and available in color temperature options of 4000 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin. With lumen packages in 14,000L, 21,000L, 28,000L and 33,600L, these fixtures are the ideal choice for a wide variety of end user applications.

Cut your energy usage with TCP. Our LED High Bay lighting can provide up to 56% energy saving over traditional metal halide or fluorescent fixtures.

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Advantages of High Bay Commercial LED Lighting

TCP understands the importance of LED lighting in warehouses, hangers and other industrial spaces. Not only do they save money long-term, they provide excellent light for the space and reduce required maintenance costs.

Check out the advantages of using LED high bay lighting fixtures.

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3 Reasons Why LED High Bay Lighting Improves Your Warehouse/Commercial Space

TCP’s easy-installation LED high bay luminaires improves large indoor spaces in many ways, including:

  • Costs Less. LED emits less heat than HID, creating a cooler work environment. This contributes to employee comfort and productivity.
  • Saves Energy. On average, LED lighting has lower wattage and consumes much less energy. Save between 40-60% when you choose TCP high bay lighting over HID high bay lighting.
  • Better for Employees. Good lighting in your commercial, industrial or warehouse facility helps to keep your operation more organized. TCP offers the best solutions that reduce maintenance and energy cost – while increasing productivity.

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