Advantages of LED High Bay Light Fixtures

At TCP, we understand the importance of quality high bay lighting for warehouse, commercial, and industrial spaces. With good lighting comes greater efficiency, greater visibility, and fewer mistakes.

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Built to last, LED high bay lights from TCP are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, lumen outputs, and color temperatures to support a broad spectrum of needs.

LED high bay light fixtures provide quality lighting that keeps operations running smoothly, employees comfortable and productive, and energy bills dramatically low.

LED high bay lights also use very little energy compared to other common warehouse lights, like fluorescent lights, CFL lights, HID lights, or metal halides. Energy efficiency is great for the planet, and great for your bottom line.

What is high bay lighting?

High bay lights are designed to be used in large spaces with ample vertical and horizontal space, like warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities and commercial spaces. In general, if your space has a ceiling height of over twenty feet, high bay lighting is the right lighting option for you.

High bay lights have a wattage of 150 watts or greater, with a beam angle of ninety degrees or narrower. Compare this to low bay lights, which are more common in retail and grocery stores, which sit between sixty and one hundred watts and a beam angle of about 120 degrees.

They are designed to light large, open areas with even, uniform light using high lumen outputs, so you can see perfectly in every square foot of your space.

High bay lights can be hung from the ceiling using chains, hooks, and pendants. You’ll find linear styles, lamps, and round UFO lights.

TCP offers LED high bay lighting in an assortment of styles:

The Industra Round LED High Bay light from TCP is our most recent innovation.

This UFO LED high bay light offers a sleek design, ideal for any open ceiling design. They emit bright white light and can be paired with reflectors to shine light where you need it most. It boasts an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan, and is available in a variety of color temperature options and lumen packages.

Lower Energy Bills With LED Lights

When facility managers are looking to replace or upgrade their lighting, it is often because they’re seeking more energy efficient warehouse lighting. Other common warehouse lights, like HIDs, fluorescents, and metal halides, use much more energy than LEDs, so they cost you a lot more to operate.

TCP’s LED high bay lighting can provide up to 56% energy savings in comparison to these traditional light fixtures. You can use our Savings Calculator to estimate how much switching to LEDs could save you.

How do LEDs save so much energy? One of the biggest factors is heat emission. In traditional bulbs, up to ninety percent of the energy escapes as heat. LEDs, on the other hand, convert up to eighty percent of their energy to light—which means you get so much more for your money.

Energy savings aren’t the only way that LED lights will save you money in your industrial, manufacturing, or warehouse space, though. Whether you are making a new investment or retrofitting an existing lighting system, LED lighting offers performance benefits that will save you money year after year.

Instant On

With other high bay lighting options, you could find yourself waiting for fifteen to twenty minutes just for your lights to reach maximum brightness. Until they’re fully turned on, not much productivity can occur.

With this barrier to productivity in place, most warehouse facility managers are reluctant to turn their lights off for relatively short periods of time, only to wait for them to start back up again. The costs of leaving the lights on can really add up, especially with fixtures that use a lot of energy.

Fewer Repairs

LED lights last much longer than conventional bulbs. Our Industra Round LED High Bay light lasts 50,000 hours, which is over double the average 20,000 hour lifespan of a 400 watt metal halide bay light.

With long lasting LED light bulbs, you can avoid costly frequent repairs to your high bay lighting. When a high bay light burns out, it’s not as simple as just replacing a bulb. Since they are mounted from high ceilings, repairing or replacing high bay lighting typically requires special equipment.

The less often you have to assemble scaffolding, catwalks, and hydraulic lifts to repair your high bay lighting, the more money—and time—you save. LED high bays need to be changed much less often than other high bay lighting options, saving you money.

While the upfront costs of LED lighting can be intimidating, the long-term savings—especially in large spaces like warehouses—add up to deliver a significant return on your initial investment.

Quality You Can Rely On

You want to be able to rely on anything you bring into your business—lighting included. LED high bay lights from TCP deliver a level of quality and performance that you can count on.

TCP uses high quality materials, ensuring the most energy efficient LED lighting for your large space. Our high quality diodes and light components guarantee your high bay lights will be long-lasting and high-performing.

TCP’s LED lights distribute light evenly thanks to their multi-point design. This gives you ideal visibility in every corner and around every turn in your warehouse, industrial space, or other large space.

HID lights and other traditional lighting options tend to create a spotlight effect, shining straight down, creating bright spots below. Often, more lights are necessary to fill in these gaps. With LEDs from TCP, you get even lighting without the hassle.

Let Your Lighting Work for You

TCP’s high bay lighting provides bright, even light that optimizes worker safety and productivity. Optimum visibility is a matter of safety, but LED lights also contribute to the comfort of your workers.

Working under the heat and poor lighting emitted by HID lights can lead to worker frustration and dissatisfaction. When employees work by the light of LEDs, they are more productive, more comfortable, and less fatigued.

If your space, employees, and business could benefit from making the switch to LED lighting, reach out to us. We’ll help you choose the best LED lighting system for your space. You can start by contacting us for more information.

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