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Vintage Lighting Style – Making It Your Own

Dec 19, 2018

It’s more than just nostalgia. Modern vintage lighting captures the timeless spirit of style, taste, and design that provides a contrast to the simplicity of contemporary design.

If you sell and install commercial lighting, here’s your chance to offer a solution that takes the best of the past, but brings these timeless styles to life against the backdrop of any contemporary workplace and business setting.

Vintage Lighting: Revive the Past, Design for the Future

Just because you have a commercial lighting project doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a symmetrical layout of uniform fixtures and luminaires.

Commercial lighting venues that want to add classic taste and modern tones can do so with LED filament bulbs, also known as Edison bulbs.

The classic filament bulb supplies a warm, low lumen light—a soft flare around a hot, orange filament. Unfortunately, truly vintage bulbs didn’t provide enough light, were not very durable, or energy efficient. These lights got so hot that touching them after only minutes of operation resulted in large safety hazards.

Modern LED filament bulbs retain the classic look and feel of their namesakes but can provide higher lumens in multiple Kelvin temperatures. And, they run cool, throwing off the same low to no heat as an LED.

This combination of industrial metal and glass give a striking and minimalist feel.

TCP offers several LED filament bulb options, all of which are perfect for residential and commercial applications where vintage style can’t sacrifice modern sensibilities. The combination of industrial metal and translucent glass provide a striking, yet minimalist feel. TCP’s LED lighting is specifically designed to uphold the integrity of “vintage looking” lighting while offering the benefits of money-saving, energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting. Find stylish luminaires for chandeliers, sconces, vanities and other fixtures commonly used in vintage lighting schemes.

  • LED Filament Tube
  • LED Filament Globe
  • LED Filament ST19
  • LED Filament F11 Candle
  • LED Filament A19 Bulb

Elevate Commercial Fixtures Without Changing Them

Regardless of style for the commercial installation, the big question remains: Replace with a newer, energy-efficient lighting system or retrofit?

You’ll find the answer by establishing your goals, which include interior design lighting style. But the goals also include:

  • What kind of energy savings you want
  • How much maintenance and labor costs you anticipate
  • The functional purpose of the lighting (warehouse? office? school?)
  • Whether the lighting system complies with codes

While all LED bulbs are practical, none can elevate a fixture like a striking, filament bulb. This makes it a fantastic choice for commercial venues that want to make the switch to LED lighting and capitalize on energy savings, but don’t want to retool all their lighting fixtures, and keep the vintage lighting.

In fact, filament bulbs have a way of making older fixtures feels less dated and more intentional.

Filament bulbs are intended to be seen, not covered. In the situation where your venue’s shades and covers are the culprits, ditch them and turn the fixture into a statement while continuing to follow the nostalgic light bulb feel. 

But even if your venue’s fixtures are perfect for the filament bulb, the value proposition of LEDs can’t be overstated. The now antiquated 60-watt incandescent light bulb produced nearly 800 lumens. Now a 6.5-watt LED filament can produce the same amount of lumens at nearly 1/10th of the power, and look great doing it.

This means you can:

  • Elevate your commercial space’s look and feel without incurring a bigger energy bill
  • Have more lights on the same circuit, or grid
  • Cut down on replacement expenses
  • Put in more lights without worrying about heat build up

Planning a Vintage Revival in Your Space?

TCP offers a solution for architects, designers and contractors with a program called TCP Pro – complete, start-to-finish consulting, purchasing and installation services that take your industrial lighting vision for commercial spaces and brings it to life.

We understand that architectural lighting choices go beyond the light, to the grid and layout supporting it and we can help you maximize the look of your space, as well as the efficiencies from rebates and lamp selection.

TCP offers a total, end-to-end commercial lighting solution.

TCP understands sourcing and installing the right commercial lighting from start to finish. That’s why, from the first design consultation to the post-project follow-up, we’re there, offering our expertise, helping you capitalize on efficiency rebates, and ensuring your commercial lighting project turns on.

But seeing is believing. That’s why we’re offering free samples of any of our lights. That’s right — we’re so sure we’re the right solution for your commercial lighting needs, we’ll give you lights so you can see how good TCP is for yourself.

Just tell us about your lighting application and we’ll send you free sample products to test. No strings attached.

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