Industrial and Warehouse Lighting

Energy-saving industrial LED light fixtures help you get the job done well for less.

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LED Industrial Lighting

A smooth, efficient warehouse operation begins with high quality LED warehouse lighting. The benefits of LED industrial light bulbs begin with energy savings. Long-lasting commercial lighting from TCP helps you improve your bottom line by drastically decreasing electricity and maintenance costs. 

Industrial LED light fixtures don’t just save energy. They also produce bright, even light, which improves the safety conditions of your warehouse. Ambient, overhead LED lighting provides an even wash and lights every corner of your warehouse. From there, task lighting provides concentrated light for focused activities, like paperwork, sorting, and quality control. 

LEDs are also easier on the eyes than traditional fluorescent lighting.Employees experience less eye strain under high quality LED lights, which means fewer mistakes, greater productivity, and a happier staff. 

TCP offers a wide variety of warehouse light fixtures, including long-lasting LED high bay lighting, recessed ceiling lights, commercial pendant lights, and commercial exterior LED strip lights.

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Choose the Right Lighting for Your Business

TCP offers the lights you need to upgrade your warehouse lighting for greater energy efficiency and a more productive workspace. Industrial ceiling lights like high bay lighting, recessed downlights, and tube lighting provide bright and crisp general lighting. For commercial outdoor LED lighting, look to our LED wall packs for long-lasting, sturdy exterior lighting.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Industrial Lighting

TCP Industrial Lighting Solutions
TCP Industrial Lighting Solutions

Prevent Workplace Accidents

Bright, high quality industrial lights decrease the chances of workplace accidents and injuries. Whether it’s an unlit corner or uneven lighting making it difficult for employees to see, poor warehouse lighting is hazardous. TCP’s industrial LED lighting provides even, controlled light that promotes safety in industrial settings.

Save Money with LED Industrial Lighting

Switching from traditional fluorescent warehouse lighting to LED industrial lighting significantly lowers energy usage—which means major savings on your electricity bill. LEDs use up to 80% less energy than fluorescents. Swapping outdated fixtures for high quality LEDs is one of the easiest ways to save money for your business.


Higher Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Lighting has an undeniable impact on mood. Bright, quality light from LED bulbs promotes alertness and energy while cutting back on eye strain and fatigue. This means employees are more satisfied and more productive while working under LED lights.

Different Types of Industrial Lighting

High Bay Light

TCP’s LED high bay lights are ideal for any large space with ceilings higher than 20 feet, including warehouses, factories, and airplane hangars. Installing and repairing high bay lights can be costly and time consuming, but LED high bays help you keep maintenance to a minimum with their long lifespans and low energy consumption.

Low Bay Light

Low bay light fixtures are similar to high bays, but designed to provide ambient light to rooms with slightly lower ceiling heights, typically between 12 and 20 feet. Common applications for low bay lights include in retail stores, grocery stores, and workshops. TCP offers energy-efficient low bay lights as a cost-reducing and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fixtures.

Flood Lighting

Flood lighting provides broad, reliable lighting coverage for large outdoor areas, like parking lots and fields. The can be directed down toward the ground or directed upward for wall washing. LED flood lights make your facility feel safer at night with high quality light.

Industrial Security Lighting & Motion Sensors

TCP offers LED motion sensor lights that help you conserve energy and improve the safety of your facility. Widespread microwave sensors turn the lights on when it detects motion anywhere within its broad range. If you’re looking for constant nighttime illumination, industrial dusk to dawn lights increase safety and security at night.


I am looking for commercial and industrial lighting that meets the needs of my facility. What’s my best first step?

Answer: Find a qualified lighting distributor near you – they will work with TCP to design a lighting specification to meet the needs of your application.

I am a home builder. Does the choice of lighting add to the appeal of the home?

Answer: The answer is yes – VERY MUCH. Quality lighting and fixtures set the tone for every room in the new homes you build. TCP LED lighting offers your home-buying prospects with efficiency, a sense of security, and more style options.

I understand that TCP’s LED lighting is energy-efficient and saves money when in use. Does it offer any other savings?

Answer: Yes, our industrial and commercial lighting generates revenue because we leverage technology that will help decrease your maintenance, labor and HVAC costs. Learn more.

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

The lighting experts at TCP can work with you on a home lighting design that you’ll love. Using SmartStuff devices and advanced LED technology, you can lower your energy bill and enjoy beautiful lighting every single day.

Reach out to TCP today for more information on lighting design, custom lighting fixtures, and TCP SmartStuff devices.

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