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The (Snap) Ins and Outs of Snap In LED Down Lights

Mar 25, 2019

Want the best of both worlds? Snap in LED downlights from TCP are ultra-thin and ultra easy to install. Their integrated construction and snap-in design means you no longer need to install a recessed can or a junction box. Simply lay out your new lighting plan, cut holes (or direct-mount), wire, and you’re done!

Ultra Thin LED Light Fixtures from TCP

LED light fixtures include the light (or “luminarie”), driver, and casing. With traditional LED lights, the driver is often mounted directly to the light fixture, making the light bulky. This extra bulk needs a place to hide, like a retrofit can light casing, or an open space in your ceiling or wall.

Hiding a bulky fixture limits the number of places you can install your new lights. However, with ultra thin snap-in LED downlights from TCP, the driver is separate from the luminarie. This allows you to place the light wherever you want, while moving the bulk of the driver to a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing location.  

Simply place your light, connect your driver to your power circuit, then connect the light to the driver. Done!

In addition to being ultra thin and easy to install, our ultra thins are dimmable, and rated for damp locations.

Ultra Thin Snap-in LED Downlights are great for:

  • Tight spaces
  • Remodeling
  • Narrow plenum ceilings
  • Walls and stairwells
  • Damp spaces
  • Under cabinet mounting
  • Concrete and other hard surfaces

Plus, you can still put them anywhere you would place a traditional, recessed downlight.

What Ultra Thin LED Downlights are not great for:

  • Intemperate outdoor applications
  • Flood light style applications
  • High-Bay lighting applications

Ultra-thin LED downlights are typically an excellent fit for home or office remodeling, or any space where lighting needs to be both efficient and stylish.

Additional Features:

  • Ideal for replacing dimmable 75W, 85W and 120W incandescent alternatives
  • Smooth, uniform dimming
  • Highly efficient LEDs and driver
  • Long Life: 40,000 hours
  • Snap-in mounting springs, for use without junction box or recessed can
  • Square or round options available
  • UL approved for damp locations
  • Easy wiring access for quick install

Styles of Ultra Thin Snap-In Downlights

TCP offers two styles of ultra-thin, snap in LED downlights: Square and Round.

Square Ultra Thin LED Downlights

Our Square LED downlights are stylish and versatile. They look great on your ceiling, or wall.

Our square LED sizes include:

  • 4 Inch
  • 6 Inch
  • 8 Inch

Check here for a complete look at our square LED downlights specs.

Round Ultra Thin LED Downlights

Our round light selection offers a more traditional round can look, but grants all the benefits of LED efficiency, detached driver, light weight, and low head generation.

Our square LED sizes include:

  • 4 Inch
  • 6 Inch
  • 8 Inch

Check here for a complete look at our round LED downlights specs.

Why LED Lighting is so Thin

LEDs only cast light in 180 degrees. Almost all other types of light, unless focused by the fixture itself, will cast light 360 degrees around the source.

Focusing the light—and any heat the light makes—dictates how much material is used in the light’s casing. The more materials used, the bigger the light, and the more expensive the fixture.

LED’s, or light emitting diodes, are so small, they can be arranged in ways that traditional lights—like filament bulbs and CFLs—cannot. In an ultra thin flat panel style installation, they are arranged in a grid, all facing one direction, which works perfectly with their 180 degree lighting casting.

Because LED’s are tiny, flat, and create very little heat, they are perfect for flat, thin applications. While many LED lighting fixtures are “integrated,” meaning that the light, the casing, and the driver all in one unit, ultra thin downlights from TCP are not. Our ultra-thins separate the biggest part of an LED and allow you to relocate it, giving you the thinnest possible light source.

Because the lifespan of an LED regularly exceeds 40,000 operational hours you’ll rarely, if ever, have to change the light. In fact, it’s more likely you’ll change the house or the floor plan before the light goes bad!

The Saving Energy Without Sacrificing Style

LEDs draw very low amounts of power. Any time you replace a traditional lighting fixture with an equivalent size light, you’re saving energy!

When comparing the efficiency of different lighting options for your space, look for these two terms: luminous efficacy or useful lumens—often called “lumens” on the box. Knowing this number will tell you how much light a you’ll get form the bulb or fixture per watt. Often, an LED light will give 60-90% efficiency improvement over what you’re replacing.

Keep The Warmth and Tone

Sometimes adjusting your lights can change the warmth, tone, or mood of a space. TCP LED lighting offers a wide range of light warmth, from the warm 3000 kelvin range, to higher 4,000 and 5,000 kelvin range, closer to full sunlight.

For a full list of our lighting ranges, see our spec sheets.

Instant Light – No Down Time

Because LEDs light to full capacity as soon as you flip your light switch, you do not have to worry about a “warm up” time, like in fluorescent lights. Even with a detached driver, there is no delay.

See Your Space better With Improved CRI

CRI, or Color Register Index, measure the lights ability to show the true colors of what is in it. For example, natural light has a very high CRI, while some other lights may make objects feel washed out or flat. LEDs generally excellent ratings when it comes to CRI.

Save the Environment and Look Good Doing it

LEDs don’t contain harmful chemicals common to fluorescent or mercury vapor lights. Both of which have mercury inside their bulbs. These lights have to be disposed of at special locations, and require careful handling.

When you buy an LED light, you’re not only improving the efficiency of your home, you’re helping put less toxins into our environment. LED lights are easy to handle and can be disposed or and recycled with no extra precautions.

TCP offers a total, end-to-end commercial lighting solution.

TCP understands sourcing and installing the right commercial lighting from start to finish. That’s why, from the first design consultation to the post-project follow-up, we’re there, offering our expertise, helping you capitalize on efficiency rebates, and ensuring your commercial lighting project turns on.

But seeing is believing. That’s why we’re offering free samples of any of our lights. That’s right — we’re so sure we’re the right solution for your commercial lighting needs, we’ll give you lights so you can see how good TCP is for yourself.

Just tell us about your lighting application and we’ll send you free sample products to test. No strings attached.

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