TCP’s Elite Series LEDs Named a Top Product for 2014

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The Elite Series was named a Top Product by Electrical Products & Solutions magazine

(Aurora, Ohio – December 22, 2014) –– Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP), leaders in energy-efficient lighting, were recently awarded Top Product for 2014 by Electrical Products & Solutions magazine for its Elite Series LED line.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our superior LED products in 2014,” said Paul Phillips, LED Product Manager. “Our Elite Series LEDs provide the most options for customers to take advantage of affordable LED technology to meet the most demanding applications.”
TCP’s comprehensive line-up of Elite Series LED lamps includes a wide variety of products to match the user’s specific needs and budget. TCP offers PARs, A-lamps, BRs, decorative lamps, downlight retrofit kits and MR16 lamps designed with the rigor of commercial applications in mind, while being affordable for household use. TCP’s energy-efficient lamps provide up to 85 percent energy savings. Many products in TCP’s LED line contain the ENERGY STAR® certification. At the cornerstone of TCP’s LED line is the Elite Series, with its outstanding light quality in both dimming and non-dimming options and a wide range of color temperatures, CRI options and beam angles.

For more information about the LED Elite Series, please visit TCP’s website, www.tcpi.com.

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