TCP Announces New GU24 Base LED Lamps for Commercial Applications

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An LED Solution to Replace Existing CFL GU24 Lamps

(Aurora, Ohio – May 14, 2015) — Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP), a leader in energy-efficient lighting innovations, expands its LED offering with the announcement of its new GU24 base LED products. TCP’s GU24 base LED Lamps are available in an A-lamp shape and provide brilliant light output for the most demanding applications.

“We are excited to provide even more LED options to the market,” said Paul Philips, Director of Product Management for TCP. “Our GU24 base LEDs are the ideal choice to retrofit existing fixtures that have this base type. The GU24 base has two receiving holes instead of traditional threading of an E26 base and is only utilized in energy efficient lighting technologies like CFL and LED. Customers that have traditionally purchased GU24 base CFLs from TCP now have the ability to seamlessly transition to TCP LED without changing out their existing GU24 base fixture.”

TCP LED bulbs boast an energy savings of as much as 85 percent over halogen alternatives and an estimated life of 25,000 hours. TCP LED bulbs with a GU24 base have low heat generation, excellent color consistency, are fully dimmable and no annoying warm-up time.

For more information about TCP and its LED lighting solutions, please visit: www.tcpi.com.

About TCP:
Founded in 1993 with its North America headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, Technical Consumer Products, Inc., a subsidiary of TCP International Holdings, Ltd. (NYSE: TCPI), is a leader in energy efficient lighting innovations. TCP’s extensive product offerings include LED and CFL lamps and fixtures, internet-based lighting control solutions and other energy efficient lighting products. TCP has the largest combined number of LED and CFL ENERGY STAR® compliant lighting products, and is a proud ENERGY STAR® partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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