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SOListic Lighting: Pros & Cons of LED Natural Light Bulbs

Feb 13, 2024

You already know the major benefits of switching to LED lights – like saving money on utility bills while being a little gentler on our shared planet. And you’ve likely noticed tons of LED options out there. How do you know which ones are right for your home or business?  You may have also seen claims about bulbs that mimic sunlight or limit blue light exposure – but what do those claims mean? Are these natural light bulbs more effective at complying with the recent incandescent light bulb ban? Or are they empty promises that leave your team or family in the dark?

We get it. The lighting you choose impacts the overall vibe of a space and the mood and health of the people in it. No pressure, but getting it right is really important!

The pros at TCP can cut through the confusion – by introducing you to our SOListic sunlight-mimicking light bulbs.

How do these beauties stack up against other LED lighting solutions? We lay out the pros and cons of SOListic lighting as compared to other options so you can make the best choice for yourself.

What Is SOListic Lighting?

Our SOListic Lighting brings a brilliant solution to the puzzle of how to simulate natural light in an office, classroom, business, or home. We designed this innovative natural light bulb to stand out from the crowd of other LED options by delivering the look and feel of sunlight indoors. Lighting from TCP’s SOListic line makes any space healthier and happier.

The healthiest light of all comes from the sun. It delivers the full spectrum of light that helps regulate our moods, protect our physical health, and maintain optimal sleep schedules. Most LED technology does a good job of replicating that full spectrum, but some early LED bulbs went a little too heavy on the blue light wavelengths. When combined with the excessive blue light most of us get from our digital devices, these bulbs helped fuel the blue light controversy over resulting health problems, like mood disorders, eyestrain and disrupted sleep patterns.

The healthiest indoor lighting comes from bulbs that mimic sunlight without those blue light spikes. That is exactly what SOListic lights do – they deliver the full spectrum of light but eliminate bothersome jumps in blue light wavelengths.

Pros of Switching to SOListic Sunlight Indoor Lighting

You’ll enjoy a variety of positive effects by choosing SOListic lighting because it:

Mimics Natural Sunlight

We call SOListic our sunlight mimicking light bulbs because they emit clear, bright, even illumination that covers the entire spectrum of light – just like the sun does. TCP engineers developed an advanced cutting-edge LED chip that replicates natural daylight to bring you an easy way to level up your healthy indoor lighting options.

Eliminates Harsh Blue Light Spikes

Our innovative technology improves on previous attempts at developing bulbs that mimic sunlight by eliminating those harsh spikes in blue light wavelengths. This feature is especially important for reducing blue light in offices, schools, and other businesses where digital device use is common. Because they don’t pile on the blue light we already absorb from our cell phones and computers, these natural light bulbs work to:

  • Boost mood
  • Reduce eyestrain, headaches, and other health issues
  • Allow colors to appear as true to themselves as possible

Increases Productivity and Performance

You may be surprised to learn how light impacts psychology and mood in offices and other fast-paced environments, like schools and healthcare facilities. But if productivity and performance are important to you, you’ll be delighted to know that SOListic lighting can noticeably improve:

  • Visual Comfort – Eliminating blue light spikes brings the clarity of sunlight to indoor lighting for a more comfortable visual experience.
  • Focus – Clear, even lighting from these sunlight-mimicking light bulbs helps students and employees focus on their work and stay engaged.
  • Mood – A well-lit space helps the people in it feel calm, safe, and at ease.
  • Cognitive Performance – Bulbs that mimic sunlight are the perfect lights for students and others who wish to achieve their very best because their clarity can boost cognitive performance, engagement, and memory.

CONsiderations as Compared to Other LED Brands

As you’ve likely guessed from all these pros, there are few – if any– downsides to choosing SOListic to fill your space with healthy natural light. Bulbs from other brands have their upsides, too, so it’s only fair that we look at how TCP’s technology measures up. We’ve included a couple of considerations to keep in mind as you narrow down your sunlight-mimicking light bulb choices:

Replacement Costs

Concerned about the man-hours needed to swap out your leftover incandescent lights for SOListic natural light bulbs? Remember that this could be the last time your bulbs have to be replaced for years! Incandescent bulbs had a lifespan of about a month, which meant your team had to replace them often and find space to store lots of backup bulbs. But TCP’s SOListic LED bulbs have a rated lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – more than 5 years – depending on your specific daily usage. Translation: After the initial installation, your team can forget about SOListic bulbs and enjoy sunlight indoor lighting for the long haul.

Slightly Narrower Temperature Range

If your goal is bulbs that mimic sunlight for a healthier and more productive atmosphere, warmer color temperatures aren’t a helpful consideration. The color temperatures available for SOListic light bulbs cover the 3000 to 5000-kelvin range, aligning with natural sunlight that clocks in at a cool 5000K. You can get warmer color temperatures that feel closer to those incandescents from other LED bulbs like TCP Anew lamps that deliver a cozy, slightly yellowish 2850K. 

Light Up Your World with SOListic Lighting by TCP

Ready to shine a light on your most efficient, productive, and healthy environment at work or home? Shop TCP SOListic bulbs that mimic sunlight without harsh blue light spikes at trusted brick-and-mortar and online retailers – or contact us for help designing a plan to simulate natural light in an office, warehouse, school, or other business setting.

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