Sleek, Sophisticated and Simple to Install: Ultra-Thin LED Downlights

Jul 31, 2018

Ultra-Thin LED Downlights – Cutting Edge Ceiling Lighting That’s Easy to Install.

The word “thin” might make you think of diets and fitness, but in the world of LED downlights, thin is in! Technology continues to rapidly improve LED downlight choices to give you not just thin, but ultra-thin LED Downlights!

They can be simple to install – just snap them in – and mount easily to drywall or drop ceilings with size-adjusted springs. Look for IC-rated ultra thin lighting – that means it can be installed wherever insulation will be in direct contact with the housing.

Here are a few great reasons to love ultra-thin LED downlights. Learn more about recessed downlights.

Sleek & Sophisticated

Technology advances with LED lighting and allows us to pack in a lot of lighting capabilities in a small product – well under an inch in thickness. Ranging in diameter sizes, these clean, chic lights flush mount to your ceiling and typically come in square and circular shapes. No recessing is necessary with no exterior drivers. Dimming capabilities allow you to soften or brighten as you wish, creating the desired warmth that you cannot control with harsh fluorescent white-light alternatives.


Love The Ceiling Space

Ever notice that real estate agents love to point out rooms with higher ceilings? It’s a popular selling point, according to Fast Company magazine, who reports that anything above a standard 8-foot ceiling gets a boost in popularity from home buyers and apartment tenants. Pinterest and Instagram users love posting and linking to features that show beautiful high-ceilinged rooms with lots of breathing space.

What a difference that little space makes – and what an easy solution there is using ultra-thin LED downlights to create just enough space to make a big difference.

Why easy? You no longer need a recessed can or junction box with snap-in downlights. This means you can shrink your plenum space and raise your drop ceiling a little higher because the downlights can be directly mounted to the drop ceiling or drywall.


Perfect for Every Room

Just imagine the cool, sleek, compact design of ultra-thin LED lighting in your kitchen, basement, dining room, living room – even your closets and hallways. Choose square or round options to match the mood of the space. If you are swapping out old fixtures, it’s the perfect time to switch from traditional lighting to cost- and energy-efficient LED, which lasts longer and can take up less space.

Choose dimmable, ultra-thin LED downlights to provide the preferred ambiance to your living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and commercial applications. Ambient lighting sets the mood, but LED keeps the constant lighting energy efficient.

Renovating a space in a damp location, such as a workshop or garage? Look for the UL-listed for damp on the LED recessed lighting you choose.

Minimalism…with Minimal Effort

Minimalism is more than just a fad. It’s a way of life. Minimalism is an embrace of a simpler, cleaner, uncluttered style that determines what you own, what you discard,  how you organize and stay fit, even how you dress. From your decor and personal belongings to simple, effective but unobtrusive LED light design, an interior design upgrade that includes conversion to LED lighting can be a key step in a move toward minimalism. But it doesn’t have to be a maximum pain to do it!

The installation of ultra-thin LED lighting can be done without costly drywall construction needed for recessed cans. It’s so thin, it can be installed even if a ceiling stud is in the way.  

Adding to the simplicity of installation is that thin LED downlights do not require a pre-installed housing. That saves time and money.  

Bonus tip: Here’s a style tip that can change the look and feel of an entire room. Got concrete ceilings? An easy solution is to create a drop ceiling that will accommodate these fixtures without losing much height.

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