LED Selectable Commercial Recessed Downlights

Residential aesthetic, commercial performance

LED Selectable Commercial Downlights

There is a lot to love when it comes to TCP’s LED Selectable Commercial Recessed Downlights. These fixtures provide the aesthetic of residential lighting with the lumen output of a commercial fixture while offering choices for both color temperature and wattage.

Selectable Wattage LED Downlights Cross Section

advanced technology

superior design

Designed with easy installation in mind, TCP’s Selectable Commercial Recessed Downlights have an integrated trim and can be mounted directly to the ceiling. Featuring snap clips, these fixtures can be installed without a recessed can. The wide variety in size options accompanied with three selectable wattages and three selectable colors make these fixtures adaptable for many different applications.

Breadth of size availability: 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 inch

Flicker-free design for consistent lighting

Smooth, uniform dimming from 100 – 5%

Benefits of Commercial Recessed Downlights


Even, Clear Light

Recessed lighting fixtures are the heavy lifters in your lighting design plan. By providing a clear, even wash of light throughout entire rooms, recessed downlights create a comfortable and modern backdrop for the rest of your space. 

This ambient light sets the tone for your office, shop, or other commercial space. Enjoy the aesthetic and adaptability of recessed downlighting with the powerful lumen output required to properly illuminate large spaces.


High Quality Light

AT TCP, we pride ourselves on the quality of our lighting products. We control every step of the design, manufacturing, and distribution process to ensure every lamp we produce fits our high standards. What does this mean for you?

High quality light means clear, even, flicker-free lights that keep your employees free from headaches and eye strain. Under bright, healthy light, employees are more productive and more satisfied at work.

TCP lights are dependable, with up to 50,000 hour lifespan ratings. That’s almost six years of constant use! You can go years without ever needing to think about maintenance or bulb replacements.


Energy Savings

LED lighting from TCP helps you drastically reduce your energy usage—and your energy bill. LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional commercial lighting solutions, which adds up to significant savings when you consider lighting entire rooms, floors, buildings, and outdoor areas. 

Lowering your energy consumption is environmentally friendly and can earn your company rebates and tax refunds. Updating your lighting scheme is also one of the most effective ways to earn points toward LEED certification for your facility.

LED Selectable Commercial Recessed Downlights

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