Now Available – New QTL Series Luminaires from TCP

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Aurora, Ohio — Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) is excited to announce immediate availability of its line of QTL Series Luminaires. QTL technology makes traditionally flat fixtures more flexible to provide focused light on products and warehouse shelves.

An ideal choice for showrooms, retail spaces, and warehouses, TCP’s QTL Series luminaires are simple to install, with durable lightweight casings and standard installation hardware.

The line currently includes three products: V-shaped Aisle Lighters, General Purpose Strips, and High Bays. Additional products are coming soon.

“We’re excited to debut this new development in LED technology with three products we know our customers will love,” said Lesley Matt, Senior Vice President of TCP. “We are already looking forward to expanding QTL technology to offer more luminaire options and styles in the future.”

The QTL series uses flexible LED strip lights with an attached driver to eliminate shadows and dark areas created by traditional high bays and aisle lights. For example, in grocery store applications, QTL aisle lighters direct consumer attention toward shelved products and show those products in their best light.

QTL luminaires are visually appealing, dimmable, and compatible with TCP SmartStuff. They are available in a variety of different lumen packages and color temperatures. The QTL line uses the latest in LED technology for maximum energy savings.

Click here for more information on QTL Series Luminaires.

For additional information, call TCP at 800.324.1496.

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