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AURORA, OHIO December 17, 2019 — Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) is excited to announce immediate availability on its new LED Direct Troffer Luminaries with either Selectable or Fixed Wattage options. These Luminaires come in both 2X2-and 2X4-foot sizes and are a Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified product.

They have a slim, low-profile design with full panel diffusion and superior uniformity, utilizing back-lit technology. The Direct Troffer Luminaires also come with either a fixed wattage or three selectable wattage driver to fit the specific demands of your lighting installation while maximizing utility rebates.

“These energy efficient LED Direct troffers offer a cost-effective solution to maximize savings for our customers and allow them to take advantage of utility rebates without sacrificing performance,” said Lesley Matt, Senior Vice President of TCP. “We realize that different applications demand a different asthetic to maximize the user experience. This is just the beginning of our LED Direct Troffer line, as we are looking to expand to even more color temperatures, wattages, smart control and lens options in Q1 of 2020. Our LED Direct Troffer is the ideal choice for offices, retail stores, schools, restaurants, and for use in the hospitality and healthcare industries.”

The Luminaires provide instant energy savings over fluorescent alternatives and potential rebate eligibility.  With a long 50,000 hour rated life, they significantly reduce maintenance labor and material costs. They fit standard one-inch and 9/16-inch T-bar grid and commercial ceilings and are easy to install. The LED Direct Troffer is available in 3000 Kelvin, 3500 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin color temperatures and come with 0-10 Volt dimming standard. The back-lit design allows for excellent color consistency and the CRI of 80 plus enhances color of focal points. The products are mercury free. View our indoor luminaire product line-up.

G more information on the LED Direct Troffer Luminaires from TCP, or call Technical Consumer Products, Inc., at 800.324.1496.

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