Introducing The Good Life by TCP

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Introducing the Good Life by TCP 

Quite simply the closest to incandescent an LED bulb can get 

AURORA, Ohio – January 8, 2019 – Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) is excited to announce immediate availability of the Good Life LED Lamp Series of product.   The Good Life by TCP is an energy efficient LED lighting solution that offers smooth warm dimming packaged in an all glass housing to provide a superior match to incandescent. No longer will you sacrifice ambiance and performance for energy efficiency.

“I believe The Good Life is the best lighting product I have seen on the market,” said Lesley Matt, Vice President of Marketing and Product at TCP. “For years the focus of lighting was based solely on energy efficiency with design ambiance and performance taking a back seat. Now, with the Good Life end users no longer have to manipulate their spaces to fit the light source, but can utilize a light source that not only has superior performance and the look and feel that they crave.”

The Good Life LED line up provides smooth warm dimming from 3200 Kelvin to 1800 Kelvin with a 15,000 hour rated life.  The unique patent pending configuration is available in traditional A-lamp, Globe, BR30, Candelabra and ST shapes with all glass housings.  The uniform light distribution seamlessly allows these lamps into existing light fixtures.   With the Good Life by TCP, seeing is truly believing with this short video:

To learn more about the Good Life by TCP products or to try a sample  contact your TCP representative or go to www.tcpi.com

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