How to give your house a makeover through updating your light fixtures, light fixtures

How to Give Your House a Makeover Through Updating Your Light Fixtures

Jan 21, 2020

Home Renovations

You don’t have to completely renovate the spaces in your home to give them a refreshed look. Light fixture makeovers are one of the simplest ways to make your individual space trendier, increase its functionality and boost the overall style of your home.

Updating your lighting can have a major impact on your home’s interior design, without making a major dent in your wallet like with a complete home renovation. Get inspired by some of the ways you can update your home’s lighting!

Lighting Updates

From switching to energy saving LED lighting and picking out a more up-to-date lighting design and fixtures, to additional outdoor lighting elements, there are so many ways to update the lighting inside and outside of your home! Not only will your guests be impressed by the new and improved aesthetics of your spaces, you’ll also be able to save on energy costs when you make the switch to LED.

Choose a more modern vibe, keep it simple and streamlined, or go for a boho look with your lighting fixtures – or whatever matches your personal style – then select from a wide range of LED edge-lit downlights, dimmable LEDs, vintage-style LED filament bulbs and more LED lighting solutions for your new lighting design. The options are practically endless!

Updating Light Fixtures

Before you get to work on swapping out any bulbs in your home for LED replacements, first assess whether or not your fixtures are worth keeping, or if a fixture update or refresh would better suit the look and function for your space! From outdated to impractical fixtures, lighting fixtures are often overlooked in the design, or redesign, of a home or become an afterthought, requiring more retrofitting to be done – plus added hassle.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, also known as canister lights, can lights, or downlights, is an extremely versatile lighting choice for practically any room or area of a home. A popular choice for lighting updates due to their sleek look and ability for strategic lighting placement, recessed lighting not only looks great, it can provide more evenly dispersed lighting that can be positioned and directed for a combination of general, accent, and task lighting uses. Recessed lighting is a great choice for kitchens, especially above kitchen islands or sinks, bathrooms, rooms with low ceilings, and more. Read more about our Ultra-thin LED Downlights for your home.

Track Lighting

Featuring multiple lights affixed to a track, track lighting isn’t quite as subtle as recessed lighting, but it can offer many of the same benefits – like positionable pendants and versatile uses as general, accent and task lighting. If your space currently has track lighting but you’re growing tired of its look, there are several ways to update this type of fixture without opting for a complete replacement. Breathe new life into your existing track lighting fixture by replacing standard track lights with hanging pendants. With many colors and styles to choose from, varied lengths, and more, hanging pendants can take your track lighting from outdated and clunky to sleek and stylish.

Pendant Lighting

In addition to hanging pendants on a track, independent pendant lights are also a great choice for a lighting remodel or refresh because of their versatility and aesthetics. If you have an existing pendant lighting fixture, consider replacing the pendant shade with a more trendy option to give it a new look. From glass, metal, crystal, paper and other materials in a variety of shapes including teardrop, globe, drum and more, you can choose the unique style that matches the design of your space. If you’re adding new lighting or replacing a single overhead light, go for an odd number of pendant lights to create an eye-catching lighting layout.

Chandelier Lighting

Another popular lighting choice for home updates and remodels is chandelier lighting. Oftentimes when people think of chandeliers they picture large fixtures, dripping in crystals, over the table in a formal dining room – but there are so many different types and uses for chandelier lighting. From the entryway to the living room, chandelier lighting provides an eye-catching focal point that add style that’s instantly noticed by your guests. Whether you want to go for a modern Scandinavian look or want to add intricate appeal, there are many types of chandelier fixtures to choose from.

Rooms that Need Lighting Updates

Many home remodels are centered around the main areas of a home which guests see. While rooms likes living rooms and kitchens are important, make sure not to overlook the other spaces of your home. Upgrading to LED and replacing fixtures in the bathroom, bedroom, entryway, outdoors and more can have a great impact on the design your home – from instantly giving it a more updated look to highlighting architectural features inside and out. Which areas of your home do you think could benefit from a lighting update? Once you narrow it down, the fun part comes next when you get to pick out your favorite fixtures and LED bulbs!

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