How Light Impacts Psychology & Mood at a Resort

Mar 18, 2022

How Light Impacts Psychology & Mood at a Resort & Spa

People who travel for work spend a lot of time at hotels. While away from home, they expect VIP treatment from the hospitality brands they frequent the most. For a hotel to earn their loyalty, every detail and creature comfort must go above and beyond average standards. When the same seasoned travelers take a break from work and go on vacation, they count on every amenity at their resort or spa to meet or exceed expectations, too.  

Individuals, couples, and families who escape to a resort or spa simply want to relax, rejuvenate, and have a memorable experience. Just like a high-end hotel, a luxury resort must impress guests with exceptional service and surroundings. To earn guest loyalty and acquire repeat bookings, a resort needs to excel at creating an environment that appeals to every traveler’s unique and discerning tastes.

The world’s best resorts, from beach retreats to mountain hideaways, continually earn top rankings because they’re experts at bringing aesthetics and atmosphere to their brands. Every element of resort and spa design, from landscaping to lighting, influences guest opinions and impacts whether or not they want to return for a future getaway. 

If you manage a resort or spa, you want everyone to experience a relaxing, enjoyable stay. This means that seemingly small details, including interior and exterior lighting, must be thoughtfully planned and perfectly executed, so guests go home with good memories and think about coming back the following year.

Impacting Mood at a Resort & Spa

Resort & spa lighting is an important design element that adds value and recognition to hospitality brands. Lighting helps set ambiance and mood everywhere on the premises. The most successful luxury vacation resorts use well-designed lighting to create an emotional connection with their guests. 

Professional lighting designers create atmosphere at high-end resorts with lighting techniques that are a bit different than those seen at typical business hotels. Resorts need to bring the wow-factor in order to impress well-paying guests. Of course, this means the right balance of style, serenity, and sophistication. Sometimes simplicity is best, and this is true for visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing resort lighting.        

Resort & Spa Lighting: Functions & Opportunities

When a design team plans the lighting layout for a luxury resort, the first step is determining the types of lights that are best suited for each area on the premises. Resorts vary in size and structure, but the typical high-end resort has many distinct spaces and gathering spots. Each area has an intended use and specific purpose, and requires its own unique blend of lighting. A proper lighting plan must address the type of atmosphere that’s desired for each space and find the right mix of lights to create that perfect ambiance. 

Resorts and spas must remember that good lighting needs to be functional, too. It has to illuminate dark walkways and pool areas at night so guests can safely see where they’re going. In individual guest rooms and suites, the lights must not only turn on and off, they should be fully customizable so guests can create the mood they want. LED lights with dimming capabilities and a full range of color temperatures allow guests to have full control. 

Generally speaking, well-designed resort lighting does more than just provide illumination. It should complement interior design features and highlight exterior architectural elements. Thoughtful lighting flows effortlessly from one area to the next, and subconsciously guides guests around the resort premises. 

If you’re considering new lighting for your resort or spa, there’s a lot to think about before making a final decision. Here are additional lighting tips and ideas to ensure you get the most out of your investment

Directional Lighting

Resort lighting should provide a sense of direction as soon as guests arrive. The moment weary travelers step into the lobby, they should be welcomed by a well-lit reception desk. Seating areas in the lobby benefit from softer, more subtle lighting. This promotes feelings of peacefulness and relaxation. Wall sconces along interior hallways help direct guests to their room, the spa, restaurant, bar, or virtually anywhere they’re going indoors. 

When guests head outdoors, directional lighting illuminates the way along pathways, staircases, and throughout the pool, patio, and lounge space. Resort visitors may not realize discreetly placed outdoor lights are guiding them along their stroll, but that’s the intention. Functional resort lighting should be so subtle that it’s practically unnoticeable. Guests should notice the beautiful resort surroundings and not overly bright, poorly placed lights.        

Landscape Lighting

Luxury resorts and spas always seem to be in stunning locations. Tropical islands, majestic mountains, or lush forests provide peaceful backdrops for people seeking solace from life’s busy routines. 

Resorts with impressive landscapes and views benefit from outdoor lighting. It’s fun to see how the entire resort mood changes as the sun sets and outdoor landscape lights turn on. Guests absolutely love the unforgettable atmosphere that’s created by simply illuminating a few trees, maybe a pond or waterfall, and some architectural details, too.  

Customizable LED Lights

When it comes to guest satisfaction, the most successful resorts take into account every detail, including lighting. Resort managers have to set the right mood and atmosphere for a wide range of daily events and activities. To do this without a hitch, in-the-know resorts rely on customizable LED lights.

On a typical day, an outdoor lounge area may need warm, white light for tranquil dining, then bold, colorful lights for after-dinner dancing. To go from day to evening, the lights need to transition from brighter white, to softer white, then possibly to a fun color. The best way to do this is with the latest LEDs, specifically those with customized features. This includes dimming capabilities, color temperature ranges, the ability to change actual color, and more. For lightbulbs that can swap out white light with colored light with the flip of a switch, check out ColorFlip by TCP.

Don’t forget that outdoor lighting should be wet-rated for safety purposes. This is especially true for the pool area. Indoor spa lighting should be damp or wet-rated, too, if the spa includes a steam room, sauna, showers, or other wet areas. 

TCP Lighting at a Resort & Spa

Lighting may seem like a small detail, but it’s a pretty big deal at luxury resorts and spas. Well-designed lighting provides atmosphere, ambiance, and sets the mood for guests in vacation mode. If you think it’s time to upgrade your resort’s lighting system, the experts at TCP can help you start planning and choosing products. TCP has decades of experience manufacturing long lasting, energy efficient LED lighting.

Our broad range of lighting for luxury resorts and spas includes high-quality luminaires, recessed lights, and a variety of bulbs for indoor and outdoor fixtures. LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional light sources, so you can save money with lower energy bills. 

Are you ready to start planning? Contact us today. Learn more about our hospitality lighting.

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