Getting Your Business in the Holiday Spirit

Dec 12, 2022

Looking for unique holiday decorations for work? The pros at TCP have tips for bringing the holiday spirit alive with office Christmas lights that are a snap to install, reflect an inclusive attitude and require little to no cleanup after the season.

As your go-to source for eco-friendly office lighting ideas, we’re delighted to illuminate several options for using business Christmas lights to enhance your holiday office décor.

Are Office Christmas Lights Appropriate for Your Business?

Maintaining a neutral stance on religious holidays is an important part of any company’s inclusivity and equity policies. But does that mean all business Christmas décor is off the table? Not necessarily. Poll your team for their input on holiday office décor ideas to make sure everyone feels heard and included in the decision.

In general, colorful or seasonal office lights are nondenominational, so they will likely be acceptable to most people. Plus, a change in lighting can have positive psychological impacts, making it a great choice for improving morale and team cohesion.

How to Turn Office Lights Into Holiday Office Décor

Instead of wasting money on single-use holiday office decorations for work, consider turning your everyday office lights into seasonal showstoppers. Like everything we do at TCP, our office LED lighting ideas combine simplicity with environmental friendliness for a holiday win-win.

String Lights Around Cubicles

If yours is a larger company with teams of employees, let each person choose whether to adorn their cubicle with string lights. Make it versatile by swapping out generic white bulbs for TCP ColorFlip bulbs that change color with the flip of a switch. They come in a variety of color options, including red and green, and the E26 base works with many types of string lights available at retail.

Deck The Halls With Accent Panels

Upgrade your flat panel lighting with decorative options that show off your brand or holiday spirit. The Accent Series combines form and function, delivering brilliant LED illumination and nearly endless design possibilities. Contact us to create bespoke Accent Panels that feature your logo, a festive image or a message of holiday cheer.

Switch Up Office Lights With Color

One of our favorite office LED lighting ideas for the holidays or anytime is to make the switch to ColorFlip bulbs. Replace the regular LED bulb in your desktop lamp, the pendants on your retail floor or the wall sconces in your medical practice — then flip from soft white to festive red, green or purple for the office party. These bulbs are dimmable and available in colorful or neutral options that toggle between cooler and warmer color temps.

Let Outdoor Christmas Lights Take a New Shape

Level up your protected outdoor office lights with LED Shape Filament Lamps. Whether it’s the pendants in your storefront window or the overhead lights outside your entryway in a shopping plaza, these eye-catching bulbs make a delightfully joyous statement. Choose from 19 different filament shapes — including stars, arrows and words like home and love — to showcase your business’s holiday spirit.

Craft Holiday Office Décor From Everyday Materials

If Christmas lights aren’t an option in your workplace, take the initiative and craft your own holiday decorations for work from the materials you have on hand. Paper snowflakes hanging from paper clips create a non-religious winter wonderland. Wrapping paper isn’t just for presents: It transforms cubicle walls, office doors, retail counters and more into magical objects of delight. Whether you build a Christmas tree from inflated rubber gloves or construct a gingerbread house from cardboard, your handiwork will add a little joy to every workday.

Make Your Office Lights Merry and Bright With TCP

The holiday season is a time of reflection, gratitude and generosity. Put more green into your red-and-green spirit with eco-friendly lighting from TCP. Choosing high-quality LED light options from TCP shows your team, colleagues and clientele that you’re doing your part to help protect the planet while reducing your company’s carbon footprint and utility bills. Your business will be merrier and brighter with office LED lighting ideas delivering the best gift of all: a healthier environment for everyone.

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