Lighting Look and Feel

Feb 28, 2017

What Kind of Experience Does Your Facility Provide?

Visual comfort is related to the ease of seeing a task. Visual quality pertains to combining visual comfort with efficiency. While this part of lighting can be subjective, we will help you to adhere to IES footcandle recommendations. TCP’s LED lighting technology can help you create uniformity of illumination and improve the look and feel of your facility.

Excellent Color Rendering

Color is responsible for the experience people get from lighting, so good color rendering is important. Did you know that the phosphor of LEDs helps with maintaining color consistency between options? A quality LED will have good CRI with high quality phosphor. The more complicated a light source is with chemistry; the more difficult it is to see consistent color. A manufacturer who controls the production process will be able to design product able to meet the specification needs of your application. Not all LED whites are the same, so the higher the CRI; the more true the white light will be to the color rendering.

Consistent Light Levels

When there are changes in light levels, you must be consistent so it doesn’t affect the experience. For example, there are times when low light levels are appropriate, so you’ll want to have a compatible LED to go with your dimming system. There may also be a situation where you won’t need as many fixtures to illuminate a space.

To achieve a quality environment that will produce just the right experience, work with TCP to help you with color rendition and light levels by picking the best light to shine your facility. We’ll help you look at the appropriate illumination levels to create a meaningful environment for that application. An environment geared towards enhancing worker performance and guest satisfaction

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