Amid Covid-19, TCP is here to help

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“TCP guarantees to everybody out there – you will never have darkness, because we have the lights and we know light.”TCP CEO, Ellis Yan


Light is  Essential

Light is a necessity.  Think about that.

We use it every day.  We cannot survive without it.

Especially with what we’re going through today.

Imagine a hospital without light.  A grocery store, or pharmacy engulfed in darkness.

TCP is an essential business serving other essential businesses in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a leader and innovator in the lighting industry for more than a quarter century, we’re in a unique position to help.  And we want to do so.

Making a Difference

Our first responders and all the frontline workers are out there making huge differences every day – putting their lives on the line to care for and protect us.  From the police and fire fighters to the grocery store, hospital and pharmacy workers, they are proof that we as Americans are resilient.  We don’t give up.  And we pull together when the going gets tough.

They are our heroes.


At TCP we feel a responsibility to help others in this time of tremendous uncertainty, supporting them, making certain their businesses can continue to run despite the endless barrage of news reports, chronicling the daily Covid-19 death toll, and other staggering statistics…economic stimulus package details…the uncertainty of job loss…as we all grasp at learning to cope with a “new normal.”  Parents forced to work from home not only because of the risk of contagion, but also because of the need to care for their children…businesses closed for an indefinite period…teachers and students forced to adapt to home-schooling and non-traditional methods of learning….the list seems endless.

TCP is so much more than just a lightbulb company.

We’re committed and caring – with a focus on serving people.

We will get through this pandemic.  And we’ll do it together.

Here to Help — Fulfilling an Important Need

TCP has extensive experience in the lighting industry from its beginnings over 25 years ago.  This includes work as both a primary vendor and consultant with area hospitals, large sporting arenas/concert halls, and importantly, schools and hotels, both of which may be repurposed as quarantine sites/treatment areas depending what happens with the Covid-19 situation.

We can help.  If you are among those in charge of those kinds of projects, we have the variety of lighting products you need and can get them to you quickly.  We have inventory in stock, ready to go.  We can also drop ship our products directly to your hospital, grocery store, hotel or retail location.

We hope you will call on us if the need should arise.

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