Types of Horticulture Lighting Offered by TCP Lighting

Apr 20, 2024

Want bigger, bushier, healthier plants at home? Looking for something more energy efficient to replace the outdated metal halide, high-pressure sodium or fluorescent tube grow light you’ve been using?

TCP has your back! Our high-efficiency horticulture LED grow lights are exactly what your home-grown efforts need. Whether you’re looking for home horticulture lighting for cannabis, vegetables or flowers, we’ve got your PPF and PPE needs covered.

Not sure what PPF and PPE are? We can help you with that, too!

Read on for a breakdown of the most popular, efficient and effective full-spectrum options from your favorite horticulture LED lights supplier – TCP!

Horticulture Lighting 101

When it comes to horticulture lighting, the top light is king. That’s because your top light is basically the sun’s understudy, shining the full spectrum of light down onto your plants. The thing to remember about LED grow lights is:

Lumens are for humans – Photons are for plants.

So, while lumens tell you how bright a bulb will appear in your kitchen or living room, the photosynthetic photon flux – aka PPF – tells you how much light that’s useful for photosynthesis a light emits. That plant-friendly light (called PAR for photosynthetically active radiation) falls within a very specific wavelength range. And we designed our HTM lighting to maximize that range!

As for PPE – aka photosynthetic photon efficiency – TCP’s HTM lighting solutions come out on top again! This refers to how efficient a light is at converting electricity into PAR, and our LED horticulture grow lights are some of the most energy-efficient choices out there.

HTM Series Horticulture Top Light

Here’s the breakdown of the benefits and features you’ll enjoy with a TCP HTM Series Horticulture Top Light:

  • 4-foot length with wide beam spread
  • Balanced blend of red, blue and green wavelengths
  • Red light peak for max photosynthesis
  • Blue light peak for bushier growth
  • Additional far-red photons for photosynthesis boost
  • Powerful PPF (612 μmol/s)
  • Industry-leading PPE (up to 2.60 μmol/J)
  • Instant on – no warmup time
  • IP66 wet location rating – clean with power washer
  • 50,000-hour rated lifespan
  • Quick-connect daisy chain system
  • Lightweight, low-profile design
  • Factory-installed SmartStuff option maintains IP66 rating

Vapor Tight

Green spectrum horticulture lighting allows you to work in your grow room without disrupting your plants’ photoperiod. TCP’s Vapor Tight surpasses most tube LED grow lights for effective step-down lighting in the hallways and other spaces near your growing area. Its isolated green wavelengths provide ample task lighting. Options and features of the LED Horticulture Vapor Tight include:

  • 2-foot and 4-foot lengths
  • 540 nm monochromatic light with excellent uniformity
  • 10W, 20W and 40W power packages
  • 6-foot cord, direct-wire capability
  • IP65 wet location rated
  • Wide beam spread
  • Lightweight, durable plastic housing
  • Polycarbonate lens resists discoloration
  • 0-10V dimming
  • -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F) operating range
  • 50,000-hour rated lifespan
  • Easy access to wiring compartment
  • Factory-installed battery backup option

Horticulture Starlight

Looking for the best LED grow lights for starting seedlings? Need something smaller than the TCP HTM Series Lighting for your limited home horticulture space? You need our Horticulture Starlight! This beauty packs a lot of PPF and PPE into a compact, versatile fixture:

  • 1 size – 8.9”x4.9” round
  • Balanced blend of red, blue and green wavelengths
  • Good PPF (60 μmol/s)
  • Impressive PPE (2.44 μmol/J)
  • Distinct red and blue peaks for fuller, more compact plants
  • Clamp mount for flexible positioning
  • Triac dimming

Save Money With TCP High-Efficiency Horticulture Lighting

Ready to get growing with TCP’s HTM lighting series and more horticulture lighting options? You’ll be delighted when you switch to our high-efficiency LEDs from metal halide, high-pressure sodium or other outdated tube grow lights. Not only will you have more control over the light your plants get – you’ll probably save a ton on utility bills! Use our LED Savings Calculator to get an idea of the ROI you can expect. Contact us with your questions about horticulture LED grow lights, and get growing today!

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