TCP Talks Turkey About Lighting

Mar 1, 2022

TCP Talks Turkey About Lighting

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Who Grants Lighting Savings and Rebates?

This holiday week as you prepare to gather around your table for the big feast, know that the right lighting can make your holiday table – and food – look its absolute best. Here are a few tips from your friends at TCP.

What Type of Energy Efficient Lighting Saves Money?

  • Use the right bulb for the fixture. TCP offers you a complete selection of the latest LED products available. Warm, bright or cool.  You can get exactly the right brightness level you desire with the right bulb.  The bulb can also add to the ambience of your room.  For instance, use vintage-looking filament bulbs like our LED Filament or A-19 bulb, if that is the look you’re going for.
  • Take the shape and style of your dining table into consideration. There should be some proportional consideration between your overhead fixture and the table itself for optimal lighting.  Don’t be afraid to supplement whatever lighting fixture you choose. You might need to add sconces or downlights for additional appeal.
  • Use dimmable bulbs and a dimmer switch. Both allow you to customize the level of light you experience.

For Lighting Rebate and Discount Eligibility, look for ENERGY STAR® Labels

  • If your dining table is extremely long, consider two or more pendant lights to better distribute the glow more evenly.
  • Customize the lampshade of your fixture. A reflective material inside the shade will help cast light back down toward the table.  A perforated shade will turn any bulb into a twinkly light.
  • Hang your fixture at the correct height – When you and your guests are seated, you do not want the fixture to be in your face.
  • Your kitchen is the crossroads of your home. It’s where you gather every day to cook and bake, dine and talk. TCP Lighting creates the mood you want – from proper lighting for detailed kitchen work to the soft glow for your morning coffee.
  • The right lighting can make food appear more appetizing.
  • Too much or too little light will change the entire dynamic of the room. TCP has the solution for any dining area because we have the largest selection of unique dimming, color temperatures, decorative shapes and multiple lamp types on the market today.

TCP offers a total, end-to-end commercial lighting solution.

TCP understands sourcing and installing the right commercial lighting from start to finish. That’s why, from the first design consultation to the post-project follow-up, we’re there offering our expertise, helping you capitalize on efficiency rebates, and ensuring your commercial lighting project turns on.

But seeing is believing. That’s why we’re offering free samples of any of our lights. That’s right — we’re so sure we’re the right solution for your commercial lighting needs, we’ll give you lights so you can see how good TCP is for yourself.

Just tell us about your lighting application and we’ll send you free sample products to test. No strings attached.

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