TCP Recessed Downlights are Project Worthy


If you’re involved in a new construction project or perhaps working on retrofitting an existing facility or space, TCP’s 1-10v dimming commercial recessed downlights are a product worthy of your consideration.

A Popular Choice

For decades, recessed lights (also known as downlights) have remained a favorite choice for modern, streamlined lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, basements, and in commercial spaces. They are used for both accent and general lighting, and because they are relatively compact, they work wonderfully in small spaces.

TCP’s shatter resistant products are ENERGYSTAR® certified and offer a sleek, integrated look, in a matte silver finish with a frosted lens.  They mount directly to the ceiling and come in 6,8,10 and 12-inch sizes. The six, eight and ten-inch downlights have an 85-degree beam angle, while the 12-inch downlights have a 70-degree beam angle.

Easy to Install or to Retrofit

The recessed downlights have integrated trim and snap clips which allow them to be installed without a recessed can. The process is simple!

For retrofits, the existing can would be removed and replaced with the snap-in style Commercial Downlight. So, if there’s a particular space in your business that’s always needed brightening, a wall you’ve always wanted to accentuate, or commercial products you’d like to highlight, consider adding a sleek, LED Commercial Downlight to your space.

Many Applications with Savings on Electricity and Maintenance

Ideal for use in commercial, retail and industrial settings as well as the healthcare industry, TCP’s recessed downlights offer consistent, flicker free lighting for your particular project. They are RoHS compliant and come in a variety of color temperatures and wattage options with smooth uniform dimming.

All LED Commercial Recessed Downlights feature low-energy, low maintenance, low-heat, long life operation, and provide significant savings on electricity, and maintenance costs. These high-quality, value-driven commercial recessed downlighting products also offer high-efficiency performance.

TCP’s LED retrofits save up to 40% of the energy consumed by traditional fluorescent recessed fixtures and create much less heat which further reduces your cooling costs.

TCP has both 4,000 and 5,000 K recessed downlights readily available. Other colors are available upon request.

Act Now!

Contact your TCP rep to learn more about our complete line of recessed downlight products and your individual project.  We can find you the best solution for your individual lighting needs.


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