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Reduce student and staff eye strain and fatigue with SOListic – LED lighting
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Lower Energy Costs

Higher Energy Level in students and staff

LED lighting prices have dropped in recent years. LEDs last longer, save energy and are cost-effective. But most school lighting still over-emit the blue in the light spectrum. This “blue spike” is invisible to the naked eye – but it causes eye strain and fatigue, especially for children, whose eyes are more sensitive than adults.

Traditional artificial light spectrum

SOListic natural light spectrum

Only SOLstistic Benefits Schools in These 3 Ways

SOListic lighting features the only LED chip that mimics the characteristics of natural sunlight  – without the harsh UV or blue spikes that contribute to eye strain, stress and headaches.

Give Students and Staff the Benefits of Natural Sunlight

Unlike most LEDs, SOListic bulbs mimic natural sunlight while reducing blue light exposure.
This improves visual comfort, focus, mood, and cognitive performance for your students.

Healthier School Lighting

SOListic technology can lift mood and increase:

  • Visual comfort
  • Focus
  • Alertness
  • Natural melatonin
  • Cognitive performance

Improved School Aesthetics

SOListic LED lighting provides learning spaces:

  • More natural looking light
  • Bright (not harsh), high-quality light
  • True colors

Energy & Cost Savings

SOListic LED technology saves money and lasts longer. Other benefits include:

  • Uses 75% less energy than incandescent lighting
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours – 50 times longer than incandescent & 25 times longer than halogen
landscape lighting

What’s So Bad About Blue?

Blue light has always been around. But with LED lights, computer screens and phones, people are exposed to way too much blue light in the spectrum. In classrooms, this leads to eye strain, decreased focus and decreased productivity. 

TCP’s team of SOListic experts can test your classrooms and show you how much blue light is being emitted from your overhead lights. 

Tubes. Panels. Lamps.

SOListic Floor and Desk Lamps

Perfect for the library, lounge, tutoring rooms and intimate special needs spaces

SOListic Panels and Tubes

Solistic comes in sizes fit for classrooms: From flat panels to DirecT8 LEDS.

Make the Switch to SOListic Bulbs

Reduce blue light exposure to give students and staff improved focus, comfort, and overall well-being.

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