The Light Bulb You Never Knew You Needed


Who says that light bulbs can’t be fun?

For proof, you need look no further than TCP’s complete line of LED Shape Filament Lamps, or novelty lamps.

These products combine the latest in LED Technology with the elegance of an exposed filament aesthetic.

TCP offers them in a wide array of shapes and colors including a butterfly, a heart – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – a cactus, an arrow, a cat, dog, reindeer, star, snowman, snowflake and a Christmas tree. 

Also coming available are a wrapped present, a ghost and bulbs that proclaim, “Marry Me,” “Thankful,” “Blessed,” “Grateful,” “Welcome,” “Flame,” and “Love.”

Use your imagination and make your personal spaces fun with these specialty lighting products. They make great gift ideas for special occasions, if you are looking for something really unique that will garner attention and be a conversation starter.

Let’s not forget that TCP also offers the classic A-19 shape, or the popular G40 lamps. 

The products are energy-efficient. They use up to 85 percent less energy than halogen lamps and have very low heat generation. This minimizes your replacement and maintenance costs. They also have a long life – 15,000 hours. 

Their unique filament LED configuration provides a uniform color output, and they are UL approved for damp and enclosed locations. That means they can be used outdoors when protected from the elements and will withstand humidity both indoors and out. They are also ANSI construction compliant and fit most general applications for use.

That makes them perfect for use in table and floor lamps, in wall sconces, ceiling fixtures and in chandeliers.

How have LED filament bulbs improved since their creation?

The products now offer greater light dispersion. The LED filament bulbs are now omnidirectional. (They can transmit light in all directions).

Their filaments are covered in a silicone & phosphor resin which changes the blue LED light to white. The resin also allows for more accurate color temperature control.

Employing a Different Technology

LED filament style bulbs use a different technology. This technology allows lighting manufacturers to be able to put very small LED emitters onto a linear filament style package. The LED emitters are then powered using a traditional glass insulated circuit similar to what is found in a traditional incandescent light bulb. When power is passed through the base of the lamp and onto the circuit, the LED filaments emit instant light.

The products offer beautiful incandescent light with options for frosted, clear or colored LED filaments. They can be used in totally enclosed fixtures or in glass pendants or other decorative light fixtures where the “look” of the bulb is important.

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