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Set the right mood with well-balanced LED lighting design

LED Lighting for Restaurants and Bars

Customers enjoy dining spaces that feel welcoming and have a distinct ambiance.

Lighting plays a very important role when it comes to setting the mood within a restaurant space. Thoughtfully planned lighting design can create an inviting atmosphere and lead to a more enjoyable experience for customers.

TCP offers a wide range of LED lighting choices to fit the style and personality of your restaurant’s interior. We also have your lighting needs covered for keeping kitchen areas, restrooms, and walkways safely lit for restaurant staff and clientele. Whether you want to replace existing bulbs or create a brand new restaurant lighting plan, we’ll make sure your needs are met.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Restaurants

Creating the perfect vibe in any restaurant, bistro or bar relies on having appropriate lighting. When lighting is balanced and comfortable, customers are happier and more likely to return. Achieving that proper balance is easy with the right combination of LED lights.

As for daily operations, you’ll save time and money after installing long-lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures. Take a look at all the benefits:

Energy Savings

Reduce utility bills and maintenance costs

Creates Atmosphere

Well-planned lighting adds ambiance

Ease and Versatility

Go brighter or dimmer in an instant

A Better Impression

Customers appreciate good lighting’s aesthetics

Restaurant Lighting Products

Reduce energy costs while providing the perfect atmosphere for customers with TCP’s restaurant lighting products.

RHB 347/480V 200W 33L 4K NSF

RHB 347/480V 200W 33L 4K NSF

RHB 347/480V 200W 33L 4K NSF

Create a Plan: Lighting for Restaurant Spaces

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So many factors determine the type of experience customers will have in your restaurant. The type of lighting you choose plays a vital role. Well-planned lighting not only brightens up a space, it creates an atmosphere that draws in repeat business.

The best examples of great restaurant lighting all focus on achieving balanced design. This includes layering overhead LED light sources with ambient, task and accent lighting. And installing dimmable LEDs to control the amount of light, so your space is never too bright or too dark.

TCP can help you create a lighting plan for your restaurant or bar. Before you start shopping for fixtures, here are some other priorities to consider when planning the initial design.

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What to Prioritize When Lighting a Restaurant?

Your lighting plan should put form and function as top priorities. You want the lighting to look great and elevate your space’s style, but it also needs to function properly. Guests may love your restaurant’s cozy ambiance, but they might not come back if it’s too dark and they can’t read the menu.

Here are functional requirements to consider for your custom lighting plan:

Light Temperatures

Different temperatures of light set the mood differently within a space. Cooler light makes a space look big and bright. This is perfect for kitchens and fast-casual dining. Warmer light makes a space feel intimate and cozy. This is the standard for fine dining.


Your restaurant’s ideal brightness depends on the mood you create. Quiet, romantic bistros are usually dim, while lively family restaurants are typically bright. The best way to control brightness throughout the day is with dimmable LEDs.

Fixture Style

Modern, vintage, elegant, abstract – the fixture styles you choose influence your space’s design in a big way. Recessed lights maintain simplicity, while a chandelier seeks attention. Using a mix of subtle and bold lighting fixtures within a space maintains a balanced look and feel.

Ambient Lighting

This lighting is important because it’s the baseline that determines how much additional light your space needs. During the day most restaurants receive ambient light via sunlight through windows. Installing LED ceiling fixtures replaces lost daylight with extra illumination at night

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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