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Lighting for Restaurants

from TCP
Your restaurant’s lighting sets the mood for your establishment, whether you’re aiming for elegance or want to offer a laid-back vibe for your diners. TCP has the End-to-End commercial restaurant lighting solutions you need to ensure your guests are delighted by the dining experience and your chef’s meals look delicious. 
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TCP offers a total, end-to-end restaurant lighting solution.

TCP understands finding the right commercial lighting from start to finish. That’s why, from the first design consultation to the post-project follow-up, we’re there, offering our expertise, helping you capitalize on efficiency rebates, and ensuring your commercial lighting project turns on.

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TCP Lighting Applications

Need Help With Restaurant Lighting Design?

Transform your restaurant with quality LED lighting. Our experts offer End-to-End solutions that ensure restaurants are properly illuminated and looking better than ever, without the hassle or expensive labor costs for business owners and managers. LED restaurant lighting from TCP offers sleek design paired with quality, long-lasting performance. TCP restaurant owners, managers, and other customers know exactly what their lighting will look like before the install and keep their restaurants and businesses running smoothly.

TCP panels, luminaires, fixtures and more end-to-end lighting solutions will create the desired atmosphere for your establishment, as soon as guests walk in! Each area of your restaurant has different lighting needs. Sourcing kitchen lighting that allows for safe working conditions for your waiters and staff, but also creates a pleasurable dining experience for all your guests is important. TCP lighting creates an enjoyable atmosphere for guests and employees in every area of a restaurant and bars, and for other hospitality lighting needs. TCP recessed LED ceiling lighting, wall lighting, luminaires and fixtures, table lighting, kitchen lighting, bar lighting options and more are versatile, dimmable and don’t create eye strain like with conventional lights.

What is your restaurant lighting plan? We offer attractive additions to restaurants like decorative Edison bulbs, dimmable chandelier bulbs, ultra-thin LED panels and a wide selection of luminaires that will set the tone for your guests. If you don’t have a plan yet, TCP can design the lighting arrangement that brings your restaurant to life! TCP plug-and-play LED panels and other TCP lighting options are a great alternative to harsh fluorescents for larger establishments, with easy maintenance and long-lasting quality. With TCP LED lighting you can even lower your energy costs with energy-saving commercial LED lighting solutions! Calculate your return-on-investment in lighting here.

Warehouse Lighting
Warehouse Lighting

Outdoor & Indoor Lighting

TCP offers a wide range of restaurant lighting solutions with color temperatures and dimmable features that are perfect to illuminate the outdoor and indoor areas you need, taking your lighting from day to night and helping to set the mood. With the power of TCP LED lighting, our experts can help you select the custom restaurant lighting design that complements your restaurant, keeps customers coming back to your bar, creates a welcoming environment and suits any other hospitality lighting needs.

Your chef spends their time and talent on creating masterful dishes. Conventional kitchen lighting solutions have harsh glare and poor color quality which isn’t ideal for food presentation or safety in the kitchen. Our restaurant kitchen lighting fixtures help staff stay safe while increasing their productivity.

TCP luminaires, fixtures and more end-to-end lighting solutions will create the atmosphere your establishment wants, as soon as guests walk in. Laid-back, low lighting is great for nighttime and romantic dates, but when your guests ask to see a menu, you want to make sure they can clearly read it—and actually see their dish once it’s served! TCP restaurant lighting helps you find the perfect lighting balance in your restaurant.

The same goes for outdoor bars and patios. For your outdoor restaurant lighting, you want your guests to enjoy the nighttime, but you also want to ensure accidents are avoided and everyone stays safe. TCP waterproof outdoor lighting solutions are great for illuminating walkways, parking lots, patios and other areas where restaurant owners and managers want to provide their guests with a safe, enjoyable evening experience.

Let your guests see each other in the best light. Help get-togethers and groups celebrate, provide ambiance for romantic dates and meet all your lighting needs, indoor and out, with TCP lighting end-to-end lighting solutions.

Need a supplier for your restaurant lighting project?

Make the switch to TCP for your restaurant’s total lighting solutions. Keep your customers comfortable and coming back with the perfect dining experience. We make it simple to source lighting from TCP because our customers’ satisfaction is always a top priority. Our lighting experts can help you find the effective solutions for your business, whether you only need new restaurant table lights or you’re overhauling your restaurant’s entire lighting system, we will work with your TCP lighting distributor to design a lighting specification that suits all your needs.

Why Choose TCP

Lights for every application

Custom lights built to your specs

Prototype showrooms and mockups

Eliminate Multi-Vendor Management

End-to-End Project Management

Maximize rebates and cost savings

Ask How TCP Can Help Manage Your Commercial Lighting Project

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Why Choose TCP

TCP Lighting Solutions Eliminates Multi-Vendor Management

With TCP, you save time and money by simplifying contracts and reducing vendor management. As both a manufacturer and supplier, we ensure you receive the quality lighting your project requires while reducing vendors to one.

TCP Helps You Choose the Best Lighting

At TCP, we know light. We manufacture lighting for spaces in retail, hospitality, warehousing, business, healthcare, education and residential. We can provide you with the sector guidance you need to make the best choice for each space, given your business needs and project constraints.

TCP shows up for work

TCP experts work with all onsite installation teams and management to ensure your lighting project results exactly as you imagined. TCP’s presence helps to catch problems before they happen.

TCP manages rebates, coupons and other offers

TCP helps clients identify utility reimbursement incentives before lighting projects start, ensuring the best ROI possible. Additionally, TCP manages the rebate process for you. We partner with utilities in every state to encourage adoption of energy-efficient light, plus we offer a wide array of LED and CFL ENERGY STAR rated products that are available for lighting rebates today.

TCP is your lighting manufacturer and supplier

TCP is both your lighting manufacturer and supplier. This integration grants you total quality control, all while cutting down on vendors to manage. TCP takes our comprehensive solutions promise seriously by managing your product orders from design to install. You can be sure exact specs and on-time delivery requirements are met.

See it for real – TCP creates prototype showrooms

Seeing is believing. With your specific business goals in mind, TCP can create prototype showrooms and light mockups to compare our products and see our lighting solutions in-action. Our showrooms lead you to smart questions about your intended application, helping you to discover time and cost saving solutions.

TCP follows up for the important after-project assessments

Six months to a year after an installation is completed is when important adjustments are needed. TCP recognizes this reality and will follow up six months after completion to ensure that you are still satisfied. TCP is always available to discuss and clarify your warranties, future projects, and any lighting solutions.

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