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Create ambiance and set the right mood to impress customers with restaurant lighting from TCP.
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Set the stage for an unforgettable meal with the best bar and restaurant lighting design from TCP. We offer LED restaurant lighting in a wide range of shapes and color temperatures to fit the mood of your space. Dimmable LEDs help your restaurant transition from lunch to dinner service. LED Edison bulbs give you the popular vintage look for your dining room or outdoor patio, without all the wasted energy. 

TCP controls every stage of our manufacturing process, from the first design consultation to the final post-installation follow-up. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing lights with an LED retrofit, or create a completely custom restaurant lighting plan, TCP will guide you through the process from start to finish. Talk with our lighting experts about your restaurant lighting ideas, and TCP will make sure your unique needs are met. We’ll also manage your rebates and coupons to make sure you save as much as possible in the process.

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Restaurant Lighting Fixtures and Products

Find the commercial lighting you need to set the right mood in your restaurant, including restaurant lamps and outdoor restaurant light fixtures. Browse TCP’s collection of contemporary restaurant lighting.

How to Create a Restaurant Lighting Plan

When it comes to restaurant ambiance, lighting is everything. A too-dim or too-bright space will drive customers away. With lighting that feels balanced and comfortable, customers will remember your restaurant, returning again and again. 

Make sure your restaurant leaves a great impression on customers by creating a lighting plan. Use your plan to consider the types of light you’ll need and where you’ll place them to create a restaurant environment guests will enjoy. 

When creating a restaurant lighting plan, layer your lights using ambient, task, and accent lighting. Layered light helps customers feel comfortable in your restaurant. Choose fixtures for each type of light that go well with your existing decor for a cohesive look that adds both style and function to your dining area. 

Also, consider the color temperature and brightness of your lights. Whether you’re looking for warm, cozy lights or something bright and clean, TCP has what you need for your lighting plan.

How to Create A Restaurant Lighting Plan

What to Prioritize When Lighting a Restaurant

Lighting is equal parts form and function. So, gather inspiration and ideas for restaurant lighting that you love. But, don’t forget about their functional purpose. For guests to truly appreciate your restaurant’s ambiance, they need to be able to read their menus and see the presentation of their food. 

When designing your restaurant lighting plan, prioritize these functional requirements so guests can enjoy their time without frustration. 


Light Temperatures

Different temperatures of light set different moods, so take color temperature into consideration when creating your lighting plan. 

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin, with lower numbers representing warmer light. For example, 2700K is a warm, welcoming light, while 3000K to 4000K are crisp, energizing, and clean.

Cooler light is great for kitchens and other back-of-house areas, as well as fast casual dining rooms. Warm light is more standard for fine dining restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Decide what mood you want to create in your restaurant, then choose light bulb color temperatures accordingly from there. 



The brightness of your lights has a significant effect on the mood of your restaurant. The ideal brightness for your restaurant will depend on the kind of mood you want to create. 

Will customers be enjoying a romantic, candlelit date? Then low, glowing lights are your best option. Or will families be stopping by for burgers and fries in a booth? In that case, you will want bright, fresh lighting that feels upbeat and casual.

Adding a dimmer switch to your lights is a great option for restaurants that require some flexibility. With dimmable LEDs, you can control your brightness depending on the occasion: brighter lights for lunch and dimmer lights for dinner, for example. You can even automate your dimmer so the lights dim at a certain time each day.

TCP Restaurant Lighting
TCP Restaurant Lighting
TCP Restaurant Lighting

Style of the Lighting Fixtures

Now that you’ve decided on the best brightness and color temperature for your restaurant, it’s time to decide what fixtures you’ll use to add style to your decor. 

You can choose simple, minimal light fixtures for modern design. Or try a sculptural, abstract fixture for a contemporary look. Transitional design blends the old and the new for a comfortable and timeless design. Finally, vintage style fixtures work well with historical architectural features and add charm to cozy, eclectic design.

Some fixtures, like recessed ceiling lights, stay simple and minimal without drawing any attention. Others, like large chandeliers and statement pendant lights, act as focal points in your restaurant design. Using a mix of attention-grabbing and subtle light fixtures is a great way to make sure the ambiance of your restaurant feels balanced.


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting fills the room with a wash of general, indirect light. Ambient light is important because it acts as a baseline. The rest of your restaurant lighting design builds from ambient light, adding texture and interest to the space.

How much ambient light already enters your restaurant through windows, glass doors, or skylights? 

Consider how much natural light your restaurant receives when planning out ambient light. If you receive plenty of natural light, you may not need much additional ambient lighting. If your restaurant receives low natural light, you can supplement it with ceiling fixtures that cast broad areas of light downward. 

When the sun goes down, of course, you lose natural sunlight. Consider whether or not you want to replace this ambient light with extra nighttime lighting, or embrace the dim glow created by accent and task lights, like candles and wall sconces.

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

The lighting experts at TCP can work with you on a home lighting design that you’ll love. Using SmartStuff devices and advanced LED technology, you can lower your energy bill and enjoy beautiful lighting every single day.

Reach out to TCP today for more information on lighting design, custom lighting fixtures, and TCP SmartStuff devices.

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