Residential Lighting Trends 2022

Oct 19, 2021

Every year, we eagerly anticipate the design and lighting industry’s list of top home lighting trends. So many external factors determine what makes the cut. Interior design trends, current social attitudes, and industry insider opinions all influence which home lighting trends are the ones consumers will hear about.

As we head full-speed into 2022, many homeowners are planning their next phases of home remodeling projects. If new lighting is on your project list, and you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it here in our top-ranked lighting trends for 2022. Hopefully they’ll spark new ideas to keep your home looking fresh. 

Homeowners often overlook lighting when they’re planning a remodel, or they’ll prioritize lighting as one of the last tasks. Replacing outdated lights is fairly easy, and effortless, with basic DIY know-how. After changing a few fixtures, and bringing in some accent lamps, you’ll notice a big difference. Lighting really can make tired rooms look new!    

For those of you about to start a home renovation, remember to think about lighting and how it can add impact to your home’s interior style. Without further ado, here are our favorite lighting trends for 2022. 

Residential Lighting Trends for 2022

As families and individuals continued to work and learn at home during 2021, home design projects remained a popular freetime activity. If you think you’ve remodeled everything you possibly can, ask yourself this. Have you added new lighting to your home? If the answer is no, our question to you is this. Why not? 

Lighting seems like a small detail, but it can change a room’s design in a big way. Pay close attention to these inspiring trends, then decide which ones would brighten your home best.

Modern Metallic

As interior wall colors get lighter, or go completely white, metallic light fixtures give a jolt of style to neutral, or monochrome living spaces. Pendant lights, sconces, floor lamps, and other fixtures are getting metallic makeovers, and they’re looking luxe, without the excess fuss. That’s because the sleek curves and gentle silhouettes of these lights are inspired by the smooth, linear elements of Art Deco and mid-century modern design.

Simple, yet sophisticated shapes retain all the glitz and glamour of yesteryear, while looking fresh and modern. Matte, shiny, or brushed metallic finishes coordinate beautifully with wood, marble, glass, and other existing surface elements within your home. What’s your favorite metal? Whether it’s brass, bronze, copper, nickel, or gold, you may have a hard time choosing with so many options. Modern metallic has elegant and harmonious vibes that are a shining tribute to the past, and a brilliant celebration of the present.           

Space Mission 

There are times when subtle, understated design works best. And then there are moments when bold, larger-than-life design wins by a landslide. When your instincts tell you to go big, but you’re not sure what to do, trust our design insights with this one. Go big with an oversized light fixture that makes a statement, and becomes a focal point of your home’s interior design.

Today’s innovative lighting seems inherently connected to the past. One of our favorite trends is inspired by one of our favorite decades. Galactic-sized chandeliers shaped like funky satellites, starbursts, or atomic particles, get their space-age looks from 1950s science-fiction culture. Retro style is just the beginning, as designers continue to put unique signature touches, or fun creative twists, on each new luminary masterpiece. 

Your home’s airy, open spaces, preferably with plenty of ceiling height, are where you want a sculpturally chic, large chandelier to hang out. For additional accent lighting, find floor and table lamps with a similar spacey vibe to coordinate within the room. Look for quirky, curvy shapes, shimmery metallic finishes, and whimsical, colorful details.             

Back to Nature 

Eco-friendly. Sustainable living. Going green. These once unfamiliar terms are now common, everyday phrases. And there’s no doubt that these words affect everyone in slightly different ways. Whether you want to save the planet, or save your home from excess clutter, being more aware of the environment is a good thing. Appreciating nature’s beauty invites peace and harmony into our busy, stressful lives, which is currently the best thing ever.

Bringing the serenity of nature to indoor living spaces creates a cozy atmosphere. Pendants and floor lamps designed with natural materials create a soft, subtle glow that sets the mood for a casual, relaxing evening. Tons of versatility, plus plenty of personality make these woven, wrapped, or handcrafted luminaries so appealing and special. Look for materials like paper, rattan, bamboo, and sustainable wood to add warmth and soul to virtually any room in your home.       

DIY Remix

Your home’s overall style should be a reflection of you, your family, and all the things you enjoy. We agree it would be nice to take a page out of a catalog, and just do that. It’s definitely the easy route, but it’s also the option that lacks your personal style and flair. 

Lighting today is available in more styles than you can imagine. Finding the right overhead fixtures, accent lamps, and more can go from fun to frustrating rather quickly. That anxious feeling may be caused by trying too hard to find fixtures that match, and sometimes match too much. Similarity is good, but overdoing it can become a design downfall, and make a space feel impersonal, or lacking character.

If your living room is contemporary, it’s perfectly fine bringing in lamps with a rustic, or vintage vibe. Traditional dining room? Try a sleek, modern fixture above your dining table for a look that’s fun and unexpected. We also love lamps and fixtures that are a mashup of two different styles. For instance, think of a linear, black pendant lamp designed with rows of crystals or wood beads. It’s modern. It’s bohemian. It’s always good to mix, match, and express your personal style.   

TCP Residential Lighting Solutions

The year’s best home lighting ideas deserve a place in your home. If you are considering new lighting, the experts at TCP can create a well-designed residential lighting system that’s customized for your needs. Beautiful home lighting is important for well-balanced interior design. Our bulbs, luminaires, and residential fixtures offer functional home lighting that’s comfortable, and adjustable to set the right mood.

After you select new home lighting fixtures, let us know if you need new bulbs. TCP specializes in energy-efficient LED bulbs that last incredibly long, and save a significant amount of energy. You’ll save money on utility bills, and you’ll almost never have to change a burned out light. Are you ready to get started? Browse our residential lighting> 

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