Children’s Hunger Fund

Sylmar, CA

Nonprofit replaces lighting—resulting in improved aesthetics and functionality plus great cost-efficiency—returning more funding for the mission.

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  • Children’s Hunger Fund® – provides food for families in need since 1991
  • TCP contributes LED DirecT8 replacement Type A Tubes to the Children’s Hunger Fund® (CHF)
  • CHBF offices now more inviting, productivity increased
  • CHF saves approximately 50% on energy costs

ROI: These lights would pay for themselves in less than one year.
(In this case, TCP donated the LED lighting services to CHF.)


Ellis Sees the Light

Since its founding in 1991, the Children’s Hunger Fund® has lived out its Christian mission by distributing more than $1 billion in food and other resources to serve the needs of more than 10 millions children across the United States and in over 70 countries worldwide.

TCP founder Ellis Yan attended a fundraising event at CHF’s main office in Sylmar, California. Ellis observed the office lighting to be outdated and inefficient and decided that TCP could help CHF’s worthy mission in a way that would keep on giving back to this very worthy organization.

Evaluation: Soon afterwards, John Park, who is a Senior Account Manager for TCP’s comprehensive lighting services program called Switch™, examined CHF offices and concluded that an overhaul of their describe previous lighting here for new fixtures and LED luminaires would greatly increase efficiency and cost savings. This will enable the nonprofit to reinvest savings into its mission to support food relief ministries globally.


A new generation of LED compatible replacements for linear fixtures. TCP experts who offer consulting through TCPs Switch™ program supervised installation and advised CHF.


Installation was easy because TCP’s LED DirecT8 Type A Tubes feature multiple choices of ballast compatibility – including Instant Start, Rapid Start and Programmed Start. The contractor just need to pop the old tubes out and put the new tubes in.

Once installed, CHF’s office culture changed. LED lighting is bright and pure like daylight, which studies show increase worker satisfaction and productivity as well as lower absenteeism.

TCP’s LED lighting offers a rated life of up to 50,000 hours – about 8-10 times longer than the fluorescent tubes they were replacing.

Dim Lighting Before


Bright Even Lighting After


“Our product longevity benefits CHF in two ways – they won’t have to buy new lights so often and their building operations team will not have to replace lighting so frequently.”

-Ellis Yan | CEO TCP | Switch™ by TCP

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