Outdoor Stadium Lighting

Aug 5, 2021

As any avid sports fan knows, going to a sporting event is not just about who wins or loses. Attending a game is an experience in itself. With food, drinks, and fellow fans, game attendees want to go home with a lifelong memory. 

But this can’t happen if fans can’t see the field because of dim lighting, or struggle with a headache from glare. 

And even worse, if athletes can’t see properly once the sun goes down, their performances could be negatively impacted. Quality arena lights are crucial for gameplay.

The best stadium arena lights enhance the live sports experience all around, making for a memorable game for fans and peak performance for athletes.

Football & Soccer 

The best sports arena lighting for football and soccer fields takes into account the wide and elongated shape of the area to be lit. 

Standard LED sports arena lighting for professional soccer fields and similarly shaped fields includes 2400 lux vertical lights, and 3500 lux horizontal lights. Recreational or community fields maintain a similar ratio, but at a lower level (200 and 500 lux).

Color temperature is also important for football and soccer field lighting. 5000K to 6000K cool white light provides excellent illumination. These cool, crisp lights help maintain vibrant, true to life colors on the field.

The correct height for football and soccer field lights depends on the size of the field, location of the lights, number of light poles, and the brightness of the lights. The illumination footprints of the lights need to connect so there are no dark spots or unsightly shadows on the field. 


For golf to be played and watched comfortably, a proper lighting plan is essential. 

Properly lighting a golf course is much different from lighting other sporting fields or arenas. Since golf courses are so massive, powerful lights must be able to illuminate a very large area.  To illuminate an entire golf course, it is crucial to have lights that can go the distance. 

Uniform brightness throughout the course keeps players and spectators alert and comfortable over long periods of time. For professional golf courses, 800 to 1200 lux is an ideal brightness. Smaller, recreational courses can have more flexibility with lower light. 

Many courses are beginning to use mobile, stand-alone lighting that can be quickly installed and mounted for lighting flexibility on the golf course. 

For professional golf courses, color temperatures should be cool, crisp, and white. Recreational courses can use a mix of white and warm white light. No matter what, the outdoor LED lights should have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) so colors look their best. 

Rugby & Tennis

Rugby pitches and tennis courts are smaller fields, which means their lighting needs are much different from larger sporting areas like football fields and golf courses. Proper rugby or tennis lighting is designed to cut back on shadows that can make the sports hard to watch and even harder to play.

Standard rugby lighting brightness is between 250 to 300 lux. Total lumen requirements, however, depend on the actual size of the rugby field. 

Since the size of tennis courts is strictly regulated, there are more consistent recommendations for sport court lighting. Outdoor light poles should be no less than eight meters tall. For official competitions, they must be at least twelve meters tall. The brightness requirements for tennis lighting depend on the class of matches being played. National and international professional matches must have the brightest lighting, at 450 lux. Club competitions require 350 lux. Residential and recreational courts can have a lower level of light, at 250 lux. 

No matter what, it is best to work with lighting experts for small sporting arenas due to the threat of shadows. These games are extremely hard to play with shadows in the way, so it is important to get the light distribution and brightness just right. 

TCP Sports Area Lighting

TCP’s outdoor sports lighting is the ideal outdoor and indoor sports arena lighting, especially for recreational and high school sports complexes. Rated to stand up to cold, wet conditions, these lights are durable and built to last. With a 50,000 hour lifespan, you can count on these lights for years to come, with low maintenance requirements and no hassle. 

TCP’s LED arena lights give off high quality LED light at 5700K, an ideal cool white for sports applications. 

Thanks to advanced LED technology from TCP, energy saving LED sports lighting also helps sporting arenas cut back on their energy costs for an improved bottom line and higher profits. 

The sports light’s standard yoke mounting makes it easy to customize the light for a versatile array of applications. 

Need high quality indoor or outdoor arena lights for your sports lighting project? Check out the LED Sports Light from the innovators at TCP. 

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