Outdoor & Indoor Holiday Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Nov 21, 2022

It’s time for an upgrade to your holiday lighting! Outdoor and indoor holiday displays bring this festive season to life. But the mess and effort of hanging outdoor Christmas lights — not to mention cleaning everything up after the New Year — keeps many from fully embracing a lit-up holiday season.

TCP Lighting has brilliantly easy holiday light ideas for all your interior and exterior spaces this year! Meet ColorFlip, the multicolor LED bulbs that transform any room’s mood with the flip of a switch. If you’re entertaining the idea of enhancing your holidays with indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, LED color change light bulbs are about to make your life a lot easier!

Colorful Holiday Lighting: Outdoor Ideas

ColorFlip bulbs can only be used outdoors if they’re protected from the elements. That means they’re great for outdoor Christmas lights under a covered porch, in a garage or on displays in your three-season room.

  • Dazzling Porch Lights – For the easiest outdoor Christmas lights, swap your regular porch light bulb for a red or green TCP ColorFlip bulb. Once this multitasker is screwed into a regular socket, it gives you colorful options! A flip of the switch takes it from soft white to dazzling color. If your porch has two lights, make one red and one green for a simple display that requires zero cleanup.
  • String Lights 2.0 – These innovative TCP bulbs aren’t packaged as string lights — but their standard E26 shaped base means you can screw them directly into a string you’ve purchased at retail. Sub them in, and you’ve got adaptable strings of color changing lighting, just like that!
  • Dynamic Duos – Pair Color Flip color change light bulbs with other outdoor Christmas lights. LED bulbs like this stay cool, so they work well in porch sconces and light-up decorations that aren’t exposed to rain, wind or snow.

Brilliant Indoor Christmas Light Ideas

  • Set the Mood – Switch from cool white to warm ambience with ColorFlip bulbs in your living room or den table lamps. The warmer option complements a roaring fireplace and sets the mood for holiday togetherness.
  • Make a Scene – When friends and family come over, flip into festive mode with these color changing Xmas lights. A red or purple ColorFlip bulb enhances your minimalist lighting style to get everyone in the mood for singing carols, sipping eggnog and exchanging gifts.
  • Mix It Up – Our favorite holiday light ideas involve more than one light source. For example, pair white twinkle lights on the mantle with color change light bulbs in your floor lamps for colorful depth. A red ColorFlip bulb in a nightlight gives the guest bath a fun glow while it’s unoccupied, especially when paired with a green overhead light.

Flip the Script on Home Christmas Lights

TCP is flipping the script on holiday lighting with ColorFlip color change light bulbs. Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome decorations that take forever to set up and take down — and say hello to fuss-free indoor and outdoor Christmas lights! Whether you’re in a single-family home, a condo or an apartment, color changing lighting is a brilliant choice that requires minimal effort and won’t damage walls or fixtures.

Light Up Your Home With TCP

Whether you’re working from home or not, your space likely serves multiple purposes. The dining room hosts both family meals and study sessions. The den accommodates cozy movie nights and raucous games of Cards Against Humanity. Even the master suite sees hurried morning preparations and leisurely nighttime chats. Use color changing lighting to create the perfect setting for any activity with just the flip of a switch. LED ColorFlip bulbs are dimmable, cool to the touch and eco-friendly in ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, tabletop lamps and floor lamps. Shop TCP lighting at a retailer near you.

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