Office Hanging Lights

Oct 7, 2021

There was a time when companies thought that the best office lighting had to be fluorescent, overhead, and recessed in a drop ceiling. When scientific research started to link employees’ headaches, eye strain, and fatigue to overly bright, or excessively dim fluorescent office lights, many companies reacted by upgrading to better lighting systems. The most popular replacements were LEDs, which remain the top lighting choice for offices today.

Successful businesses recognize that comfort and well-being are valuable to all office employees. Working in an office space that’s functional, and aesthetically pleasing, is a great way to keep employees happy and productive – a win-win situation for everyone.

Creating an office space that’s more appealing to your staff doesn’t necessarily mean moving to a new building, or gutting and remodeling your current space. It may be as simple as a few minor updates to your current office setup. Designing a more open floor plan increases employee interaction, which promotes idea sharing and team building. Replacing old lights with the latest LED technology improves lighting quality, which helps employees stay focused and alert, instead of stressed and unproductive.

Popular light fixtures in offices today weren’t in offices decades ago, during fluorescent lighting’s peak phase. Lighting manufacturers are always introducing innovative LED products, and they’re quickly becoming the preferred lighting choice in workplaces everywhere. LED pendants and hanging lights for the office provide versatile, energy-efficient illumination. And their style-meets-function aesthetic lends itself to a better sense of well-being for workers spending more time at the office. 

Office Hanging Lights

Fluorescent and incandescent lights are quickly disappearing from offices everywhere. Lights like these rely on technology that’s becoming obsolete, outdated, and inefficient. Fluorescent lights simply can’t keep up with the many benefits and constant improvements of LEDs. Longer lifespans, lower utility bills, and less maintenance are the top reasons why offices choose LED lights over anything else.

Lighting designers love the style, innovation, and versatility that’s at the forefront of LED’s office takeover. Using pendant lights above work stations, and hanging lights above office tables would have been challenging years ago, due to fluorescent lighting’s many limitations. Current lighting trends in today’s diverse work environment demand fixtures with personality, and bulbs with more options than “on” and “off.” LEDs can accommodate these changing attitudes in the most brilliant ways.

Strategically placed LED hanging office lights make spaces feel inviting and warm, unlike fluorescent overheads which feel sterile and cold. When it comes to functionality, and versatility, hanging LEDs provide well-balanced ambient and directional light that can be customized for virtually any office environment.

Pendant Lights

When people think of pendant lights, and where they function best, the first places that come to mind are usually at home – above kitchen islands, bar countertops, or powder room sinks. All these areas have a distinct purpose where specific tasks are performed. 

Individual work spaces in an office function similarly to these areas at home. They’re the designated spots where employees perform their job’s day-to-day tasks. Overhead pendants primarily act as task lights above desk spaces. They provide extra illumination where it’s needed most, so employees can see clearly while working, without experiencing eye strain.  

Sleek hanging pendants give workspaces a style upgrade, while freeing up essential desk space. Limited-size work areas require creative space planning and lots of flexibility. Moving the task lighting from desktop to ceiling opens up desk space, so employees can opt for an extra monitor, more tech, or anything else to help them work better.    

Lighting for Lobby

A company’s lobby space has an important job to do. Its primary task is to represent the company to outside visitors, and leave a good lasting impression. A lobby’s overall design and atmosphere should match a company’s personality, culture, or aesthetic, and the lighting style should effortlessly fit with the intended theme.  

Depending on what a company does, lobbies could sway more sophisticated and traditional, or go more casual and trendy. Either way, lighting functionality serves a similar purpose. That is to provide clear illumination so receptionist staff can work properly, and to create an atmosphere that welcomes visitors, and makes every guest feel comfortable and at ease.  

A few pendant fixtures placed directly above the main receptionist desk provide ample work lighting, and a subtle hint of style. An elongated hanging light works for this area, too, or in the center of the room, as a focal point. Large lobby spaces are just the right size for making a bold statement with lighting. Chandeliers can be fancy or fun, but are always impressive regardless of style. Don’t forget to use dimmable LED bulbs in lobby fixtures to customize the mood even more.

Lighting for Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are where ideas emerge, opinions form, and decisions are made. Lighting here needs to be fully adaptable to meet the constantly changing needs of the room. A long conference table in the middle of the space functions best with an overhead hanging light, or a few evenly spaced pendants.

The types of LED bulbs used in a conference room matter significantly. Ideally they should be dimmable, and feature a range of color temperatures, so you can match the lighting to the room’s activity or the time of day. For important meetings, light temperature is best when it’s cool, crisp, and bright, like natural daylight. Individuals stay more focused, alert, and productive in this lighting range. LEDs emit this light perfectly, and without unhealthy spikes in blue light, commonly produced by fluorescent lighting.    

Starlight Series LED Lighting for Offices

Are you thinking it’s time to update the lighting in your office? Research shows that employees feel more comfortable, and perform better, in a properly-lit LED work environment. 

Office lighting obviously needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack style. The lighting experts at TCP are at the forefront of LED design innovation. They can help you create the best customized lighting plan to meet the needs of your work space. Every office functions differently, which is why TCP offers lighting options to accommodate every type of space. 

If you’re looking to transition to pendants or hanging lights for the office, we have the perfect lighting solution. TCP’s Starlight Series LED lamps are designed to be versatile. Their sleek shape fits with every type of style, whether modern or traditional. And they can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from pendants to sockets, and everything in between. See how they can work within your office space. Learn more here.

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