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New Benefits of TCP’s Outdoor Area Lighting

Aug 15, 2021

The quality of your outdoor area lights plays an important role in your overall outdoor lighting design, both aesthetically and functionally. 

Bright, consistent light helps increase security on your property and ensures the safety of anyone who walks through your outdoor space. Eco-friendly LED parking lot lights help you save money on each month’s energy bill for decreased spending and an improved bottom line. 

TCP’s outdoor LED area lights offer many benefits that help you upgrade your outdoor lighting for optimal light quality and easy installation and maintenance.

The lamps feature a modern lightweight design with a tool-less driver compartment for fast, easy installation and maintenance. They provide bright, uniform light thanks to durable, 3G tested luminaire construction. And that’s only the beginning!

Below, read more about the many benefits of LED area lights from TCP.

Smoother, Sleeker Look

Outdoor LED area lights provide functional light, but that doesn’t mean they have to look clunky. Outdated outdoor area lights can be an eyesore. TCP’s outdoor parking lot light fixtures are smooth and sleek for high visual appeal. 

The smooth fixtures prevent birds from making nests on top, so your outdoor lights will look new and clean on the first day and for years after. 

Easier Mounting with Accessories 

TCP’s outdoor parking lot lights are easier to mount than ever. The lights come with mounting accessories, so you don’t have to worry about a hassle when it’s time to install. 

TCP knows different outdoor spaces present different challenges and lighting requirements. That’s why we designed our mounting hardware to make it easy to tailor the lamp height to the needs of your outdoor area.

Different heights work best for different spaces. The right height for your outdoor area light depends on the size of the area you need to light and the number of lights, as well as the brightness of the lamp itself. 

Tooless Maintence

Mounting isn’t the only task that’s simplified with TCP’s TAL Area Lights. 

Clips on the rear of the fixture make it quick and easy to open and close the electrical compartment without the need for tools. This makes field maintenance and repairs simpler than ever. And while maintenance requirements for LED lamps are low, when it is time for maintenance or replacement, you can quickly and easily complete the tasks without a hassle.

Dark Sky Compliant

Light pollution is disruptive to ecosystems, energy inefficient, interferes with astronomical research, and has adverse health effects. Reducing light pollution is one way businesses can reduce their environmental impact. Naturally, outdoor lighting contributes the most to light pollution. 

TCP’s TAL Area Light protects against light pollution, with conformance to the International Dark Sky Association’s fully shielded light source requirement. This means the lamp emits no light above 90 degrees, making it an eco-friendly choice for outdoor lighting.

New Outdoor Area Lighting by TCP

Don’t settle for outdoor area lighting that’s “just okay.” TCP is excited to offer high quality, eco-friendly LED outdoor lights for commercial use. The rugged construction paired with sleek aesthetics makes them an ideal choice for outdoor spaces like parking lots, campuses, shopping malls, and auto dealerships.

Wherever you need high quality light, you can count on the innovators at TCP. TCP’s LED lights use significantly less energy than typical commercial fixtures, so you can cut energy costs all while enjoying the visual benefits of bright, clean LED light.

TCP controls every aspect of our lamp manufacturing process, from design to distribution. This allows our lighting experts to keep a close eye on quality every step of the way.

Interested in LED outdoor area lights from TCP? 

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