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Sep 22, 2021

There’s plenty to look forward to as we head further into fall – holidays, family time, baking, cozy evenings and so much more. With all the reasons to love this time of year, why do some people simply wish we could skip winter and fast-forward to spring? For many individuals, the decrease in daylight that happens during fall and winter can significantly impact mood, or even lead to seasonal depression.
Darker days can also cause eye strain and headaches if your home doesn’t have proper amounts of light for reading, working and performing daily tasks. To prevent your home from becoming a dark zone, make sure you have enough light sources throughout your most commonly used living spaces. If you have lots of lamps and ample overhead lighting, next check your light bulbs to ensure they emit plenty of natural white light. This type of light is essential for boosting your mood, unlike blue light which can strain your eyes and cause those dreadful winter blues.

Keep It Light in the Dark

Wouldn’t it be nice if days would stay sunny and long all year? Bright winter evenings filled with sunshine sound amazing! While you can’t control what the sun does outside, luckily you can control how “sunny” your home appears inside.
If you use natural white light bulbs in your home’s lamps and fixtures, you can fill indoor living areas with warm light that’s similar to naturally produced sunlight. As it gets dark outdoors, your home’s interior will remain bright. And your family can continue to do all the things they enjoy while staying comfortable, alert and focused.
Check out these helpful tips from our TCP lighting experts to help keep rooms light and bright during darker days and longer nights.

Brighten Up Bedrooms

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It’s where you sleep, but it’s also where you read before bedtime, write emails to friends, and get dressed in the dark early-morning hours. For all these reasons, you need to ensure that you have excellent lighting. A single lamp on a nightstand isn’t enough to light a dark bedroom. Make sure there are at least three sources of light in your room – two lamps and a ceiling fixture is the ideal set-up.

If you have kids who do homework in their bedrooms, give them each a task lamp or desk lamp so they can see properly when they’re working or reading late at night. And switch all the bulbs from blue light to natural white LED light for better illumination and energy efficiency.

Keep Kitchens Light & Bright

Lighting for dark kitchen spaces doesn’t require an entire kitchen overhaul. It simply means checking that there’s enough light in a few high-use spots. Installing under-cabinet LED strip lights is a great way to improve lighting for countertop spaces. These handy lights let you see more clearly when doing essential kitchen tasks such as chopping and meal prepping.
Another idea is to replace recessed lights with pendant fixtures. This brings the light source closer to you and helps brighten things up over kitchen islands and bar areas. If your family likes late-night snacks or early-morning coffee, bring in a task lamp, timed night light or sensor-operated LED lighting, so everyone can navigate clearly while the rest of the house is still dark.

Lighting Solutions for Garage

When it comes to lighting, the garage is often the most overlooked area of your home. For safety purposes, it’s essential to maintain a brightly lit garage space. This is especially true for dark morning and evening hours – the times you’re most likely leaving for work and coming home.
Installing sensor-activated LED lights overhead and along the walls is a great solution for maintaining a well-lit garage. As you’re carrying in groceries, or hauling out sports equipment, you’ll be able to see where you’re going, even when it’s dark out.
If you have a work space in the garage, now’s the time to add a task lamp or two, so there’s a safe amount of light when doing detail-oriented projects. Because the garage is a multi-use space, try to layer types of lighting, so there’s the right light for parking, storage and handicrafts.

TCP Lighting Solutions

Bringing outdoor sunlight indoors is easy, thanks to the innovative team at TCP.
SOListic LED light bulbs by TCP use an advanced LED chip to produce warm white light that closely mimics natural sunlight. This type of LED light promotes a healthy, more comfortable environment in your home. SOListic bulbs also reduce blue light exposure, which can cause eye strain, decreased focus and increased risk of depression.

SOListic LED bulbs help bring healthy, mood-boosting sunlight directly into your home. This is exactly what you need before winter’s darkest days arrive. Want to learn more? Click here.

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