7 Tips for Lighting Your Home as the Holidays Approach

Dec 17, 2019

Maybe you’ve recently purchased your first home just in time for the holiday season and are hosting your first Christmas. Or maybe you’ve played host for years but need a refresh before all the out-of-town guests arrive this time around. TCP has a few holiday tips to make your home feel both bigger and warmer and put the Ho, Ho, Ho into your house this holiday season.


1. Create a Lighting Plan

Whatever your project entails, create a simple lighting plan. Think about what activities take place in each room. What are the key features of the room you want to highlight and what architectural elements do you need to account for? Consider style, scale, output and even color temperature of lights before making any design decisions.

2. Assess How the Room Will be Used

Consider what tasks you may be undertaking in each room you are lighting or re-lighting. For example, cooking calls for more concentrated lighting. For reading, flexible and directional lighting aimed away from you is better, such as a lamp alongside your favorite easy chair. Powder rooms need a combination of sidelights and downlights. Dimmers give an energy efficient and effective way to quickly change the atmosphere and warmth of a room.

3. The Right Bulb for the Right Effect

Ask yourself these questions when purchasing bulbs and lamps:

  • How bright do you need or want the space to be? (What is the correct wattage of the bulbs you require?)
  • What atmosphere are you trying to achieve? (Considering color temperature is important here. For instance, a lower temperature is more similar to candlelight, while higher temperatures are more likened to the outdoors and natural light.)
  • Are you trying to make a design or focal statement (with scale, shape or colors)? If so, try something fun and different. Perhaps an Edison lamp, or TCP’s ST 19? We also have a line-up of holiday colored and shaped lamps that really say Happy Holidays.

4. Layer Your Lighting

Use different light sources across different levels to create ambience and interest in a room. Make the most of the room’s size and shape. Up lighting makes a room feel larger, low hung pendants will create an illusion of height and clusters of lighting make large rooms seem less cavernous. TCP offers you a wide array of products that will give you the look you want and love.

5. Shine the Spotlight


Use spotlighting to make focal points in your room, such as a painting above the fireplace mantel, or a feature wall within the room. TCP’s LED products can help you add some pizazz to your space.

6. Put the Focus on Your Dining Table

Using the lighting in your dining room to draw people in at the table will make your holiday meal feel more intimate.  Whether it’s a pendant light, clusters of pendants, a chandelier or a starlight, TCP has the right lamp and fixture solution for you.

7. Be Consistent

Keep theme, color schemes and the finishes consistent throughout your home, especially when it comes to your lighting. Too many different styles can be confusing to the eye. In terms of color, using lighter, more neutral tones to open up a space and make it appear larger is a good rule of thumb. Darker colors add impact but can make a space look smaller. The right lighting can help you make all the difference. You can use it to emphasize the height of a room, or simply bring all the attention where you decide you want it. Your choices make your home as individual as you are.


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