Lighting Up Your Retail Display

Jul 21, 2021

For your products to look their best, well designed and high quality retail display lighting is key. There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing retail display lighting fixtures. The best retail lighting design for you will depend on your store’s layout and the type of product you provide. 

No matter what your product or layout, it is critical to choose lights with high quality light. Lights with low Color Rendering Indexes (CRI) will cause your products to look washed out. LED retail display lighting with high CRI, on the other hand, encourages sales by letting your products’ true colors shine. 

Well lit products demand attention and draw customers in. Read on to learn more about the different options for retail display lighting.

Recessed Lights & Downlights

When deciding on lighting for your store, it is important to strike a balance between ambient and accent lighting. Recessed ceiling lights and other downlights work to provide ambient light throughout an entire space. This allows customers to easily navigate the store and inspect products. 

Ambient lighting is the baseline for any other types of lighting you include in a retail space, so it’s important to invest in quality fixtures. In addition, the placement of these lights is important. Lighting designers consider the fixture specifications for the ideal spacing. As a quick rule of thumb, you can divide the height of your store’s ceiling by two. The resulting measurement is how much space to leave between each recessed ceiling light.

Decorative & Accent Lighting

Accent lighting it so important to retail lighting design. Accent lights make products pop to draw customers in to look at a product. These lights highlight specific areas, like displays, shelving, and in windows, and on walls.

You can also install accent lighting as backlighting behind displays or in cases. Any area that requires extra lighting beyond the general wash of light from your ceiling lights should be lit using accent lights.

Different Lights for Different Spaces

Certain areas of a retail space require specific types of retail display lighting fixtures. Window displays and case displays generally need more light than just ambient light can provide. 

Window Display

The most common retail light fixtures used in window displays are overhead fixtures. You will find overhead light fixtures in many different sizes and styles. They range from standard ceiling flush mount fixtures to high end chandeliers. Installing great window display lighting encourages shoppers to enter your store and see what you have for sale. 

Since overhead fixtures can be labor intensive and expensive to install, many store owners turn to track lighting as an economical solution for their window display lighting. Track lighting includes several adjustable bulbs on one fixture. 

Track lighting costs less than other ceiling fixtures, are easier to install, and allow you to adjust your lighting based on your window display. Since you likely swap out your window display often, this makes sure you can direct light where it needs to go for every new display. You don’t have this option with more expensive static overhead fixtures. 

Case Display

Thoughtful display case lighting is extremely important, especially when you are showcasing luxury inventory, like watches or jewelry. Lighting can drastically affect the impression shoppers have on your products. 

So, how do you show your products in the best light? LED bar lights can be subtly integrated into your display cases. Their sleek profile keeps all the attention on your products while showcasing them in their best light. 

Compared to halogen or fluorescent display lighting, LEDs provide a high color rendering index, so your products look vibrant and eye catching. LEDs also use less energy to create light, so you will see major savings on your electricity bill. 

Quality Lights for Quality Products

Help customers see your products in the best light with lighting from TCP. Our retail lighting LEDs improve customer experience for more sales, more repeat customers, and a lower energy bill. 

Price Your Retail Project with help from TCP and receive professional assistance from the lighting experts at TCP.

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