Lighting Up Your Artwork

Artwork enhances the uniqueness and overall ambiance of any commercial space or museum. Compared to blank walls, walls with specially selected art feel inviting and comfortable. So, how do you make sure your art looks its best?

Display lighting for artwork is essential if you want your art to shine! Usually mounted above the art, the lights cast a bright, glare-free light onto your art. Lighting for artwork comes in a variety of forms, including lights for two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. 

Lighting for artwork is especially striking when the entire lighting scheme takes art into account. For places where art is the main focal point, using dimmer lighting throughout the rest of the room allows your track lighting for artwork or other display lights to call even more attention to your art.


When choosing LED lighting for artwork, it’s important to consider the brightness of your lights. Brightness is measured in lumens. As a rule of thumb, the lighting for your artwork should be about three times brighter than the light in the rest of the room.

When lighting art, be sure to stay away from direct sunlight. This exposes the art to UV and infrared light, which will cause the art to fade over time. 

Another way to protect the longevity of your art is by using LED lights. Lights that burn hot, like halogens, can actually burn away the materials over time. LEDs produce very little heat to create light, so they are the safest choice for lighting artwork.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed ceiling lights are a great way to make your art stand out. You can specify the light beam spread of your ceiling lights to make sure the light covers the whole piece of art, instead of creating a small spotlight effect.

Recessed lighting for artwork should be installed at a thirty degree angle. Place the lights on the ceiling accordingly so the light will hit the center of the artwork when at this thirty degree angle. This angle and light placement creates the ideal light for art. Too small of an angle, and you will see shadows on the art. Too large of an angle, and the light will create a glare.

Track Lighting

Is your artwork constantly changing? If so, track lights are the best art lighting option for you. Since their lights can be easily adjusted, you can customize the position with every new art arrangement. 

To move recessed ceiling fixtures, you would have to remodel and cut into drywall. To adjust track lighting you can simply adjust the fixture, add lights, or remove lights. 

While some track lighting systems were bulky and distracting in the past, contemporary track lighting systems are sleek and minimalist. You can have a lighting system that is both adjustable and pleasing to the eye without taking away from your art.

Quality Bulbs for Quality Art

You’ve invested in your art. Invest in the right lighting to make it look beautiful and prevent damage over time. 

With over twenty years of lighting experience, TCP designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality commercial lighting. Our advanced LED technology helps you create a pleasant, beautiful environment while saving money on your energy bills.

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