Lighting for Gas Stations

May 13, 2022

How many times has this happened to you? You’re driving somewhere then suddenly realize you need to stop and get gas. It’s dark outside and you happen to be in a neighborhood you don’t know very well. The first gas station you see is poorly lit. The service island is so dim, you can barely see it as you approach. You’re driving alone and don’t feel safe stopping there. So you continue to the next gas station, which is well lit and welcoming. This is where you stop to refuel because it seems much safer.  

For reasons like this, it’s important for gas stations to install proper lighting systems. In addition to being long-lasting and energy-efficient, gas station lights need to provide a sense of security, and they must be reliable, especially in locations with extended service hours and extreme weather.       

Gas Station Lighting Needs

As more gas stations stay open later, or switch to 24/7 schedules, quality lighting is critical for late-night business. Well-lit areas must go beyond the service canopy where customers pump gas. Bright lighting also needs to illuminate parking spots, convenience areas, outdoor restrooms, and ideally around the entire perimeter of the property.

When it comes to a gas station’s one-of-a-kind lighting needs, LEDs provide the best option in terms of maximum reliability with minimal maintenance. Plus gas station LED lights use far less energy than fluorescent or metal halide bulbs. This means utility bills will be significantly lower, while long-term savings can grow substantially higher.

Safe Lighting

Ensuring customer and employee safety is why so many fuel companies are installing new gas station lights. When it’s nighttime, a secure, worry-free environment depends on crisp, bright lighting. As customers pump gas, get convenience items, or use the restroom facilities, they don’t want to be in dark, shadowy spaces. LED canopy lights provide peace of mind with exceptionally bright light that can easily illuminate a large, open area like the layout of a typical gas station. 

Task Lighting at Pump

Customers need enough light to see properly while refueling at the pump. Canopy lights typically provide the right amount of light, but sometimes they’re simply not enough. If the gas station’s canopy is exceptionally high, or the lights don’t seem to reach certain pumps, task lighting options placed directly at each pump offer additional light where it’s needed most. Wall mounted LED lighting is an easy and effective solution. When they’re installed on canopy columns, light can be strategically directed at individual pumps.     

Parking Lot Lighting

A well-lit parking lot helps maintain a much safer environment. Providing extra light for parking spaces is necessary if the overhead canopy lighting doesn’t reach distant areas designated for parking. LED area lights, LED post top lights, and LED security lights keep parking areas out of the shadows with a full range of customizable lighting options.  

Vandal Proof Lighting

Gas stations with round-the-clock service hours should invest in lighting that can withstand damage caused by potential vandals and thieves. These kinds of criminals are notorious for destroying property lights. A dark environment perpetuates unwelcome activities such as theft, and makes criminals harder to recognize on security cameras.  

The best gas station canopy lights have incredibly strong lenses that won’t crack or break when intentionally hit with destructive force. TCP’s industry leading LED canopy lights feature an impact resistance rating of IK10. This is the highest standard a lighting product can receive. It means that each light can withstand a direct impact of 20 joules, which is equivalent to a 5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm above the object’s surface.

Additional Canopy Lighting Benefits

If you’re looking to update or replace your gas station’s current lighting, here are more reasons to choose TCP. Their LED canopy lights are low maintenance and last up to 50,000 hours, plus they’re designed for a gas station’s specific needs. 

TCP’s LED canopy lights have valuable features and benefits, including these ones:

  • Wattage selectable – just flip the switch on the back to choose 25/40/60W power. This means greater adaptability to more types of existing fixtures. 
  • Beam angle – available in 120 degree light distribution. This provides wide, even illumination over a large area, ideal for gas station fueling areas.
  • Backup battery – includes an 8W 90 minute waterproof emergency battery backup. If electricity goes out, the emergency battery kicks in, allowing the lights to work for a limited time.

Gas Station Canopy Lights by TCP  

Gas station lights have come a long way in recent decades. The LED lighting experts at TCP are proud of the innovative technology that sets their gas station canopy lights ahead of the competition. 

Hundreds of service stations nationwide have made the switch to TCP’s LED canopy lights. Discover why you should too. Learn more here.   

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