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How to Properly Light Your Living Areas

Great lighting sets the scene for a living room where family and friends feel relaxed, and at home.

The living room is a unique space in the home, thanks to its wide range of uses. Unlike kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms, with their specific uses, living areas tend to be all-purpose spaces where family and friends can gather for just about anything.

This means living area lighting needs to be ready to adapt to a broad range of activities. Reading on the couch, playing board games on the coffee table, watching movies or sporting events, or entertaining friends before dinner. The right brightness levels and color temperatures can make a big difference in the appearance and mood of your living room.

TCP lighting helps your living room meet its varied requirements. Our LED light bulbs for living rooms are a great choice for the eco-conscious, thanks to their energy efficiency and long lifespans. TCP offers warm ambient light—great for entertaining—and cool whites that mimic natural light for focused activities.

Browse our wide range of residential bulbs, and you’re sure to find the right fit for your home. You can transform your living room today!  Find TCP bulbs from a retailer near you.

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Lighting for Your Home

TCP residential bulbs bring high-quality, energy efficient LED lighting to every room of your home. With TCP, your bedroom is more relaxing, your kitchen is more welcoming, and your living spaces feel comfortable and well-lit for every occasion. And since our bulbs use far less energy than traditional residential light bulbs, all these improvements come with savings on your monthly energy bill.

From ambient ceiling lighting to accent lighting in floor lamps and desk lamps, TCP lighting offers energy-efficient light bulbs in a wide range of color temperatures, shapes, and sizes that set the tone for comfortable, welcoming living areas.

LED Light Bulbs for Living Areas

Living rooms are welcoming spaces in the home for entertaining guests, relaxing, or enjoying time with your family.

Dimmable LED lights give living spaces the adaptability they need to make sure the lighting always sets the right tone. TCP LED lighting for living areas offers many benefits beyond traditional incandescent bulbs.

Some of the many benefits of LED lighting include:

Safer for Your Home

Have you ever burnt your hand on a light bulb? Traditional bulbs can become extremely hot with use. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch no matter how long you leave them on, which means they’re never a fire or burn hazard.

Energy Savings

Up to 90% of the energy used by incandescent lights is wasted as heat. LED bulbs from TCP use about 80-90% less energy than those traditional bulbs. When you multiply that across the many bulbs in your homes, the energy savings start to add up. And since LED bulbs last up to 25 years, you won’t have to replace them as often, either.


LED bulbs are not only eco-friendly thanks to their significantly lower energy usage. They are also completely recyclable, unlike incandescents, which use toxic metals in their construction. The production process for LEDs is also more friendly to the environment.

Lighting for Living Areas & Great Rooms

When deciding how to light a living room, it’s important to incorporate layers of lighting. These layers include ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Ceiling lighting is the most common form of ambient lighting for living areas. Ambient light creates the “base” of lighting for a room. Since ceiling lamps gently diffuse light from above, they are an excellent choice for lighting that will cover the whole room evenly. With TCP, you can choose from a number of ceiling lights, including LED dimmable snap-in downlights and LED edge-lit downlights.

Accent lighting is more concentrated than ceiling lights, and is often used in the form of pendant lights, floor lamps, picture lights, and wall sconces. These lights accent certain areas of the room, creating focal points for the eye to follow. When placed strategically, they can make a room feel larger. Accent lights that direct light upward, such as floor lamps with open tops, elongate the walls and make your ceilings appear taller.

Finally, task lighting provides increased, concentrated light for specific tasks, beyond what ambient light can provide. Task lighting includes spotlights and desk lamps. While this type of lighting may seem more suited to kitchens and offices, where it’s critical to see exactly what you are doing, it can also be used strategically to make your living room more comfortable. For example, task lighting can help you see buttons on a TV remote, the book you are reading, or a pad of paper on the side table. This kind of lighting is best when it fits your unique needs, so consider how you use your living room before deciding where task lighting should go.

Lamps for Living Rooms

Lamps are a great way to bring style and flair to your living room. They’re an opportunity to mirror hardware metals and other colors from throughout the rest of your home. Or, you can choose neutral lamps that fade into the background, providing light without serving as a design focal point.

Either way, the placement of your living room lamps will make a big difference in the appearance and comfort of the room.

In general, lamps placed in the corners of your living room will radiate light inward and make the space seem larger by brightening otherwise dark areas. Upward facing light creates openness and airiness, while downward facing light creates coziness and may make ceilings seem shorter. If you plan to use a floor or table lamp for reading, be sure to position the bottom of the lamp shade at about eye level to avoid strain on the eyes. A floor lamp next to or behind the TV can reduce glare.

Lamps are a versatile light fixture and a fun way to add personality and additional light to your living areas. With the right LED bulb from TCP, a floor lamp can transform your space.

Brightness and Color Temperature for Living Area Lighting

You’ll be amazed at what the right lighting color temperature and brightness levels can do to make your living areas feel welcoming and complete. With a color temperature that suits your preferences and the uses of the room, you, your family, and guests will be drawn to spending more time there.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin: the lower the Kelvin measurement, the warmer the color temperature. Traditionally, the most popular color temperature for living rooms is about 2700 Kelvin, which is a soft, warm white. This lends a warm and cozy feeling to the room, without distorting the colors of furniture and decor.

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