Indoor Sports Arena Lighting

Sep 20, 2021

The right indoor sports arena lighting enhances the game experience for athletes and spectators alike. And for building managers and owners, high quality, energy efficient LEDs reduce operating costs for an improved bottom line.
Why is quality LED sports arena lighting so important?
The right lighting will…

  • increase visibility for players
  • create a memorable atmosphere for spectators
  • increase game attendance
  • reduce energy and maintenance costs

Here at TCP, we understand that no two indoor sports arenas are alike. The best lighting design takes the unique needs of a particular space and the lighting requirements of a sport to create comfortable, dynamic lighting that creates an unforgettable fan and player experience.
Below, learn more about the lighting needs for various indoor sports.

Multipurpose Sports Arena Lighting

Many venues serve multiple sports. For these venues, lighting flexibility is critical. The proposed lighting design has to consider the needs of every sport played in the venue for adequate visibility and minimized glare. An experienced lighting designer will consult with you to ensure the lighting needs of each sport are met.
Basketball and volleyball are two sports that often share venues. How can one lighting scheme accommodate the needs of both sports?

Basketball Court Lighting

Basketball court lighting requires smooth light output across the entire surface of the court. As a game that moves frequently from one end of the court to another, patchy lighting can make for a confusing, unpleasant experience.
Sport court lighting should consider lux level, color temperature, CRI, and light placement to ensure fan and athlete comfort.

Volleyball Court Lighting

Volleyball may be played in the same venue as basketball, but the match itself takes place within a smaller area of the court. Volleyball courts are thirty feet wide by sixty feet long.
Lighting within this area is crucial to athletic performance. Players must be able to see the volleyball without eye strain from glare or too-dim lighting. Outside of the court itself, the full arena also needs to be sufficiently lit for fan comfort.

Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

Proper indoor tennis court lighting depends on the size and layout of your court, as well as the dimensions of audience seating areas.
Sports arena lighting should cover the entire tennis court and extend about six feet outside of the sidelines, as well as ten feet behind the base lines. This makes for a safe and comfortable experience for players, and also allows fans to easily follow the action of the match.

Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

When it comes to indoor swimming pool lights, the most important factor is user safety. Whether the pool is for recreational or competitive use, adequate lighting will control glare from the reflection of the water’s surface.
This makes it easier for fans to follow along with swimmers without squinting through glare. And, should a swimmer need assistance, staff can easily see through the surface of the water.

Ice Hockey Lighting

Without proper lighting in an ice hockey arena, it can be difficult for the eye to trace players and the puck as they move around the arena.
Since hockey games move quickly and focus around a small puck, lighting has to emphasize the contrast between the ice and the many moving parts of the hockey game.
This means to achieve proper ice hockey arena lighting, light uniformity is key.

TCP Sports Lighting

TCP’s LED Sports Lights provide bright, energy efficient indoor sports arena lighting. Providing up to 47,500 lumens, our LED Sports Lights are an excellent eco-friendly replacement for older metal halides.

With a long lifespan, durable casing, and easy installation thanks to yoke mounting, you can say goodbye to maintenance hassles.

Give your fans and athletes the best possible lighting experience. Click here to view detailed information about TCP’s LED Sports Lights.

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