How to Mimic Natural Light with TCP’s Anew Light Bulbs

Apr 15, 2024

Noticed light bulbs that mimic natural light on store shelves? Wondering whether they’re better for your home lighting? Heard about the impact of blue lighting and ways to reduce it in your everyday life?

These are great questions – especially now that incandescent light bulbs are no longer being manufactured. It seems getting your residential lighting just right is way more complicated these days!

The lighting pros at TCP are here to help. With ver 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing top-quality LED lights, we can illuminate:

  • What the incandescent light bulb ban is all about
  • How our Anew light bulbs make replacing older options a breeze
  • Why LED light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight are a great choice

Lowdown on the Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

The summer of 2023 was the world’s hottest on record. That made it the perfect setting for our legislature to pass the incandescent light bulb ban. Goals for the new law include:

  • Reducing carbon emissions that heat up the planet
  • Saving money on utility bills for homeowners and businesses

To be clear, this ban does NOT make it illegal to buy or sell incandescent light bulbs – it raises the standards of energy efficiency for the light bulbs that lighting companies like TCP make. And meeting those standards translates to fewer and fewer incandescent bulbs available for purchase on store shelves. Why?

The incandescent bulbs we all knew and loved were very inefficient at creating light. They worked by using electricity to heat up a wire filament until it glowed. But that meant they actually put out more heat than light.

By contrast, an LED light passes electricity through a microchip that activates tiny light-emitting diodes (aka LEDs) to produce illumination. It’s an entirely different way of producing light – so it comes with some new terms, like lumens (a measure of brightness), that take the place of old terms, like watts (a measure of energy consumed).

The bright side here is that LED bulbs deliver a much better lighting experience than incandescents. All LED lighting gives you:

  • Higher lumens per watt – aka energy efficiency
  • Far less heat output while in use
  • Much longer lifespans
  • Better control over lighting color temperature (more on this in a minute)

Replacing Incandescent Lighting with Anew

Because we saw the end coming for those inefficient incandescents, we developed our Anew lighting as incandescent bulb alternatives. These LED bulbs are a great choice for elevating your residential lighting with benefits like:

  • Lower electricity bills – they use up to 90% less energy
  • Lower cooling bills – they put out very little heat
  • Less frequent replacements – they have a 10,000-hour rated lifespan

And Anew bulbs are the perfect residential LED bulbs because they feature the familiar A19 shape and E26 base of incandescents. That means they’ll fit seamlessly into all your fixtures, like table and floor lamps, pendants, ceiling lights and sconces. They’ll work as commercial LED lighting, too, if you’ve got outdated incandescents in your office, restaurant or boutique.

How Anew Light Bulbs Mimic Natural Sunlight

So, Anew light bulbs look like incandescents and fit into the same fixtures – but are these the light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight? In a way, yes.

The light we get from the sun includes the full spectrum of light, from the shortest blue wavelengths to the longest red wavelengths. And we humans need the full spectrum to be our healthiest. Incandescents produced light in the same way as the sun – as a byproduct of producing heat – so they emitted the full spectrum of light, as well. But no one would say incandescent light looks the same as a bright, sunny day. So, why do these two types of light look so different?

The answer lies in how much lighting color temperature matters in homes and businesses. You know how some lights look very white and others look kind of amber or yellow? They have different lighting color temperatures, the measure of how cool (blueish) or warm (yellowish) the light appears. These measurements are expressed as Kelvins, for the man who invented the scale, with a 4-digit number followed by a lowercase k:

  • Unclouded noon daylight = 5000k – 6500k
  • Unclouded sunset = 2000k – 3000k
  • Incandescents = 2700k – 2850k

One reason many of us loved those old incandescents so much was their “warm glow.” They gave us that full spectrum of light in a warm, cozy lighting color temperature.

When LED lighting was brand new, it brought the full spectrum, too. But it emitted spikes of blue light wavelengths that caused problems for some people, like headaches and eyestrain. All the digital devices we use emit blue light, as well, compounding the problem.

We took care of that issue with Anew, the light bulbs that mimic natural light at sunset without those pesky blue light spikes.

Features and Specifications

Check out the cool features and specs that help Anew residential LED bulbs light up your life while mimicking natural sunlight!

How Anew Is Similar to Incandescents:

  • Recognizable A19 shape
  • Versatile E26 base
  • Full Spectrum of Light Wavelengths
  • Lighting Color Temperature of 2850k

How Anew Is Different From Incandescents:

  • No Blue Light Spikes
  • Perfect Dimming Without the Hum
  • 90% More Energy Efficient
  • Very Low Heat Output
  • Color Rendering Index of 98 (vs. 100)
  • 10,000-Hour Rated Lifespan (vs. 1,000)
  • Zero Mercury

TCP Anew Light Bulbs That Mimic Natural Light

Want to welcome the warm glow of full-spectrum natural light into your home or business while saving money on utility bills? Ask for Anew Lighting by name! Contact TCP today to find a distributor in your area, connect with a sales rep or ask us a question.

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